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Buying Guide

Your Guide to Buying Floor Standing Display Cabinets from Displaysense

As the leading supplier of Floor Standing Display Cabinets in the UK, Displaysense can offer choice, value and advice to ensure your choose the right product. With a collection of Floor Standing Cabinet options in stock this guide is designed to help filter down to find exactly what you need.

Floor Standing Display Cabinets

Our huge choice of Floor Standing Glass Display Cabinets, also referred to as Tower Cabinets, is home to an incredible range of styles, formats, colours, materials and designs. At Displaysense we pride ourselves on being above to offer the very best floor standing Display Cases in terms of quality and value for money.

As the UK's foremost supplier of floor Retail Cabinets we're able to continually source the newest and most innovative new models to hit the market. We use our 30 years of experience when unearthing all new floor standing display cases to our range. This experience means that all cabinets available in our range are thoroughly tested and meet our high standards.

Choosing Your Floor Display Cabinets

The huge number of available floor standing display cases means that sometimes it can be difficult to know you're choosing the right model. There are a few questions that are worth asking yourself before you decide on the floor cabinets that best suit you. These include the size of unit you're after - what is the available space? Lighting and power - do you require a lit unit and if so what style of lighting would best suit the products you want to display in the floor standing cabinet?

Other things to consider are how many shelves or tiers will you need? If the items being used in the floor cabinets are high value then security needs to be considered in the form of lockable door and toughened glass. The finish of the unit is also worth considering, particularly if it will fit into your existing displays. A matching retail environment exudes a degree of professionalism that shouldn't be overlooked.

Things to Consider When Purchasing

When ordering your chosen floor standing, full height cabinets it is worth noting how the unit will be delivered. Whilst some of units are flat-packed, others are delivered fully assembled. These fully made floor standing display cases require the receiver to be able to accommodate the delivery drivers. For more information on the delivery of certain floor standing display cabinets you can phone us Monday - Friday.

Choice of Floor Display Cases Available

From aluminium to wood, maple to black, we are known for stocking the very best selection of styles and designs of full height display cases. By making sure to stock a variety of colours of case we can meet the expectations and hopes of a wider range of customer. Our bespoke service also means that you can drop us an enquiry or phone us today to talk about a custom made unit to suit your needs!