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Buying Guide

Chalkboard Buyers Guide

Displaysense has a broad range of chalkboards and accessories to compliment any business environment. We supply counter table top chalkboards in a variety of designs and styles that are focused on being as versatile and of the highest possible quality. Wall mounted chalkboards can also be found within this part of the site and have proved popular literature displays for a number of industries thanks to their high visibility and ability to be positioned virtually anywhere within a premises whilst taking up minimal space. Floor standing A-frame chalkboards, widely used by high street retailers, eateries and restaurants are also found here. With such a wide selection of chalkboard to choose from, you won't need to go anywhere else than Displaysense.

Our updated range of chalkboards features the very best units available on the market. These include eye-catching LED chalkboard displays, premium quality chalkboard easels and further additions to our existing wall mounted, floor standing and table top pub chalkboard ranges that many of our customers expressed interest in. We firmly believe that at Displaysense you will find a chalkboard that will have an immediate and lasting impact on your business.

Counter Top & Table Top Chalkboards

Are you looking to display your food offerings to the public? Look no further, as Displaysense have a wide range of counter top chalkboards to suit all business environments. From menu boards to wooden framed, metal stand chalkboards, you can purchase a table top chalkboard to suit your advertising needs. Choose from a selection of attractive chalk board finishes and beautiful chalkboard designs that we've chosen based on their quality, value for money and overall versatility. No matter what your business requirements, these menu chalkboards are unrivalled in their ability to inform customers and clientele of important information, special offers, menus, price reductions and similar messages that can prove key to a successful promotion.

Floor Standing Chalkboard Range

Invite the public into your establishment by using an A-frame chalkboard. Browse through the Displaysense selection of floor standing chalkboards to Invite the public off the street and into your establishment by using a floor standing A-frame chalkboard. This tried and tested advertising technique is a low-cost, immediate method to bring in large numbers of potential customers to your business. Updating and changing the messages displayed on the chalkboard sign is quick and virtually no cost, making chalk boards an incredibly cost effective advertising strategy. The Displaysense selection of floor standing displays include A4 and A5 chalk board models, to find a unit to suit your business needs. We're positive you will find a unit to suit your catering and promotional needs.

Wall mounted Chalkboards

If you're looking for a fixed wall mounted chalkboard then Displaysense has the answer. With a wide selection of products from framed to un-framed and in a variety of sizes, we're sure you will be able to create a colourful and bold display that will get your products and services noticed. Wall mounted chalkboards are amongst the most widely used information and advertising displays thanks in part to their low cost, ease of use and versatility. We've selected each framed chalkboard to ensure that each and every customer gets the best unit for their needs.

Premium Chalk Board Range

For those who are looking for a truly special chalkboard sign we advise looking at our Premium collection of chalk boards. This collection of extremely high quality, long lasting chalkboards have been chosen according to the extremely high standards of manufacture and design that they share. Spanning table top, wall mounted and floor standing varieties, the Premium range of chalk boards is certain to reflect the quality of your business and help drive customers directly to your products and services.

Pens, Chalks & Chalk Board Accessories

Chalk marker pens, cleaning cloths and other accessories are an essential product when drawing on your chalkboard. Browse through our wide selection of products, including traditional and modern chalk markers and the essential cloth and cleaning spray. You'll also find similar tools that will make your chalk board display look its best and stand out in the crowd such as image and lettering stencils. With so many products available why go anywhere else than Displaysense?