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Displaysense - The Volume Order Specialists

Please call or email our volume pricing specialist Nancy Groarke

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Clothes Hangers and Coat Hangers

At Displaysense we take clothes hangers seriously. We stock a huge range of coat hangers and useful accessories that have proven hugely popular with our customers. Our huge range of clothes hangers covers a diverse number of styles and designs and all come in bulk packs for added value. As the UK's leading supplier we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the clothes hangers industry and are proud to be able our customers the highest quality units on the market.

Are you looking for good quality coat hangers and clothes hangers?

When setting up new premises for your business, you will have many things to consider, from the right kind of shelving and flooring to practical things such as electricity supply and a phone line - but at least with Displaysense, you can fulfill all of your coat hangers and clothes hangers needs in once place. Here at Displaysense we offer the UK's best choice of coat hangers of all types, materials and sizes - Fast Delivery & Discounts Available on all coat hangers.

What kind of clothes hanger is the best for my store?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing clothes hangers and coat hangers. Heavy items will probably be best hung on a wooden clothes hanger but those looking to cut costs may want to instead pick plastic coat hanger styles, which can prove to be just as reliable. A smart suit retailer may be looking for clothes hangers with durability and strength and for this kind of outlet, wooden coat hangers which can easily deal with heavy trousers and jackets are ideal. For a quick and easy way to get items hung, why not look into our garment rail and clothes hanger packages? With these, you get a good quality rail, which is simple to put together, as well as 50 coat hangers to go on it.

At Displaysense, our coat and clothes hanger ranges also include a wide variety of items for different sizes of clothes, which could prove ideal for shops that include children's clothing in their range. We sell many of our clothes hangers in packs of between 25 and 100, so no matter what size of store you are running, you can choose just the right quantity. Going for a bigger clothes hanger pack may be a better long-term buy and with some of our 100-item packs, buying this number works out at around 42 p per coat hanger - a great price. If you are keen to bulk-buy your coat hangers and are also looking to cut back on your clothes hanger spending, why not consider our metal coat hangers?

These items come in large packs of 500 pieces and are perfect for use with lightweight T-shirts or other delicate items. For hotels and guesthouses, here at Displaysense we also offer a range of clothes hangers and coat hangers with a captive hook on the top, which prevents the clothes hanger from being taken out of a wardrobe. These come in a variety of pack sizes and lengths. No matter what clothes hanger or coat hanger solution you require for your business, at Displaysense we are sure to have something ideal for a good price - some of our items are sold as much as 60 per cent cheaper than their recommended value.

Why buy coat hangers from Displaysense?

Displaysense was founded in 1978 and has since expanded to have manufacturing operations in more than 25 countries globally. We firmly believe that our customers deserve choice, value and service when it comes to selecting the right display solutions and we serve a wide range of businesses from small retailers to larger enterprises, councils, schools and charities. Our product range includes more than 5,000 items and we offer free delivery for orders worth more than £250. Our customers can also take advantage of next-day delivery and a money back guarantee. Get in touch with us today and see how we can address your coat hanger and clothes hanger needs.