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Clothes Rails

For a unique storage and display solution, look no further than the clothes rails, metal racks and hangers and accessories here at Displaysense. With dozens of clothes rails and accessories to choose from, we are sure you'll find something that will suit your garment rail display needs here at Displaysense.

Garment Rails, Clothes Rails and Clothes Racks

If you're looking for a heavy duty clothes rail, then look no further. Displaysense has a broad range of heavy duty clothing rails available in a range of sizes from 4ft to 6ft as well as a number of tiers and finishes. Whether you want a black or chrome finish on your clothes racks, we have the designs to suit your display environment.

Spiral, Round & Portable Clothing Rails

Looking to create a varied clothing display using only the finest clothing rails? Look no further than the spiral, round and highly portable clothing rails. Browse through our selection of spiral, round and portable clothing rails to find a unit to suit your business needs.

Multiple Arm Clothing Rail

Create an eye catching display with one of our multiple arm clothing rails. With a broad range of products from stepped to sloping, two arms to four and in a variety of finishes. We're positive you\'ll find a multiple arm clothing rail here at Displaysense - the leading garment rail supplier for the UK. All of our clothes racks and rails are excellent quality and great value.

Wire Chrome Clothing Rails

Browse through our selection of wire chrome clothing rails, from single to multiple tiered, static to mobile garment rails and in a range of sizes, we're positive you'll find a unit to best suit your retail environment.

Clothes Rail Hangers & Clothes Rack Accessories

Displaysense offer a fantastic selection of clothing rail hangers and accessories. Whether you call them coat hangers, clothes hangers or suit hangers, Displaysense have what you need. Not only do we have a wide range of coat hangers for your garment rail range, but suit bags, hanging body forms and other displays that will make your clothing lines really stand out.

Displaysense Retailers Guide: Picking the Right Clothes Rails:

Retailers understandably need their garment rail displays to look as immaculate and professional as possible in order to attract customers into the store and encourage them to make a purchase.

This Displaysense guide aims to give you advice and guidance on how to maximize the potential of your fashion store, boutique or shop clothes racks. Whilst there are some basic rules that should be followed, no two stores are the same and it is important to consider a number of factors if you want to make the most out of your retail space.

The Clothes Rack Basics:

If you are fitting out a new shop, you have to start with the most basic consideration and for fashion retailers that means the humble clothes rail.

Choosing the right clothing rails is crucial as you need to find one that will show off your garments effectively without cluttering the store or clashing with the existing display units, clothes racks or overall shop aesthetic; being hit with a wall of varying colours and general noise is not appealing and can have an adverse affect on potential customers and their buying habits.

Measure Up For The Best Fitting Garment Rails:

Firstly, you should measure your floor. It is important to fully understand the capacity of the store and the feasible size of display units that can be accommodated in the premises. If you have a long, narrow store, we would advise that your clothes rails run parallel to the walls - this will allow you to hang your merchandise without taking up too much precious retail space.

The Right Garment Rail:

When you are choosing your garment rails, it is important that you consider how they will fit into the store and remember to leave plenty of space for customers to move around. You don't want your customers and staff to navigate an assault course - try and maintain an ordered, clean and logical layout that suits the general flow of your product ranges and makes it as easy as possible for a customer to find a specific item.

For these narrower, smaller shop layouts you may find that wall mounted clothes rails are the best, although you should take care to ensure you do not place the garments out of reach of customers. Consider putting smaller sized items lower and larger items higher.

A larger store can accommodate freestanding garment rails, such as spiral clothes rails and gondolas that allow you to utilise your space effectively. You can also position such clothes racks displays in a prominent position - maybe by the door of your shop - to draw attention to particular garments or new collections.

There are also multi-arm clothes rails, which are perfect in a large space as you can show off items of clothing on four sides. These have proved a popular choice for large scale stores and are a common sight on the high-street.

A portable or mobile clothes rail is a useful addition to any store. Temporary displays during sales periods and your shop changing rooms will always benefit from the portability and manoeuvrability that these rails provide.

God is in the Details:

With your clothes rails and other garment rails selected, don't forget one of the other key components - coat hangers. Buying specialist hangers for trousers and skirts is advisable, as is investing in padded clothes hangers if you stock delicate items, such as lingerie. These types of hanger have been specifically designed to display certain types of clothing at their best and compliment the products being hung on the clothes racks.

Coat Hangers can be made from a range of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic or covered in fabric and you should consider which design and finish will suit your store's decor and ambience as well as reflecting your brand, as it lends a finishing touch to the shop's appearance and exudes an overall air of professionalism.

Where possible, try to use matching clothes hangers throughout specific ranges of your merchandise. This gives off a positive impression of consistency as customers walk through the door.

To help promote a collection and highlight what are on the garment rails, mannequins can be great way to promote your garments; showing them in use and how combinations of items can be used to accomplish a full outfit.

The Finishing Touches for Your Clothes Racks:

Once you have your shop fittings set up, including your clothes rails and your coat hangers, it is time to add the garments and make any final adjustment to your shop displays. To ensure your clothing on each garment rail is kept in pristine condition, Displaysense advises fashion retailers to invest in a clothes steamer.

Steamers will not only will make sure your garments are wrinkle and crease free but also fresh and clean without you ever having to take the clothing off the garment rails. It saves time and ensures that the products themselves match the high quality of the displays they are being used on.

Encouraging staff to take the time each evening to steam clothes and check the stock on your clothes racks and means they'll be able to spot any damaged items that may need attention.