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  1. 580
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  1. Circular
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  1. 22.5kg
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Exhibition Display Cases

This range of exhibition display cases includes a large choice of top class units. All of our exhibition cases can be used in exhibition, retail and fashion settings. We\'ve selected this range of exhibition furniture based on a number of attributes including quality and overall value for money of the exhibition case.

Cases for Exhibitions

Setting up your displays is made easy with our exhibition display cases. All of our exhibition furniture cases are easy to assemble and look fantastic. The ease of use and attractive nature of thee exhibition cabinets make them a great choice for any exhibitor wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Styles of Exhibition Display Cases

We stock all sorts of styles of exhibition cases for you to choose from. Corner furniture display cabinets and fully portable exhibition cases are among this exhibition display cases range. Floor standing and wall mounted variants of these exhibition cases are also available.

Choosing Your Exhibition Cases

We understand that choosing an exhibition display case from our huge range can sometimes be challenging. We advise considering a few of the preferences of your ideal exhibition case. These include: is the exhibition furniture display case locking? Is there lighting in the exhibition cases? Do I want floor or wall exhibition display cases?

Exhibition Furniture

We stock many other products to help you create the bets possible exhibition environment. Products to compliment your exhibition display cases include plinths and floor standing holders. Browse our full exhibition range to find the perfect exhibition furniture.

Purchasing Furniture Display Cabinets

Buying on of our exhibition display cases is quick and easy. Simply choose the unit and quantity of the exhibition cases you wish to receive and follow the instructions that will guide you through the checkout. If you want to speak to someone regarding your exhibition cases you can pick up the phone and talk to one of our helpful customer representatives today.