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Choose from a range of eye-catching poses.

Formes™ Plus Size Headless Female Mannequins - Ivory

Code: MARF13

  • Defined by Excellence - incredible muscle definition for the perfect fit
  • Affordable to All - superb quality at a cut of the price
  • Long-Lasting Investment - built with the finest materials
  • Eye-Catching - stun and entice your buyers eyes
  • Incredibly Stylish - radiates exceptional quality
  • Highly Robust - formulates a long-lasting investment
  • Trusted Brand - Formes have delivered over 20 years of quality
  • Tempered Glass Base - durable and meets EU regulations

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Formes™ Plus Size Headless Female Mannequins - Ivory

Focus your customer's attention solely to the clothes being worn with these incredibly defined plus size headless female mannequins. Finished in rich ivory and sculpted by world leading fashion designers these mannequins radiate exceptional quality and will instantly catch your buyer's eyes.

From head to toe, these mannequins are delivered with astounding detail. The unique and mesmerising poses have been developed from real female fashion models. A bulging abdomen, chiselled neck, sculptured arms, shoulders and beautifully shaped breasts to slender leg muscle definition, highlighting the groin, thigh, calf and hamstring. These mannequins' striking physique and feminine presence will dominate every angle of your store, enticing buyers towards the outfit on display.

As well as the superiority in high quality definition, the texture of these sculptured mannequins are outstanding. The touch and feel of the mannequin is totally incomparable, the components slot-in flush, effortlessly and when compared with lower priced models you know you are receiving a top of the range mannequin to model your finest garments.

Made from high quality fibreglass, these mannequins prove to be highly robust and undoubtedly formulates for a long-lasting investment. Standing strong on its milky tempered glass base with the added benefit of a spigot inserted into the calf, allowing shoes easily displayed with a complete outfit. Separated toes are also designed for sandals to be worn.

Formes are critically acclaimed manufacturers of high-end designer mannequin models providing superb craftsmanship across the globe. For over 20 years, they constantly work hand in hand with top fashion designers to always ensure their latest range of mannequins is delivered with excellence.


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Formes™ Plus Size Headless Female Mannequins - Ivory MARF13 Formes™ Plus Size Headless Female Mannequins - Ivory