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Buying Guide

Garment Hangers & Accessories

With well over 50 different designs and types of hanger to choose from, it\'s no wonder that Displaysense UK is the leading supplier of non slip garment hangers. We endeavour to stock only the very best units so you can always be sure that you receive hangers that always live up to expectations.

Garment Hanger Materials

No matter what specific design of hanger you\'re after, we have it covered. Among our extensive range of garment hangers you\'ll be able to find wooden, plastic and metal units; all of which feature user friendly attributes. These include non slip garment hangers and units with hooks and clamps for holding trousers, dresses and more.

Choosing Your Perfect Garment Hangers

There is so much choice in the Displaysense UK range that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start! There are several things we advise our customers in England to take into account when purchasing any of our garment hangers. These include having an understanding of the type of units they will be used with.

Each garment hanger should not look out of place on the rail or clash with your overall shop aesthetic. The industry you are in can also have a huge impact on the type of hanger that you wish to purchase. Low cost plastic hangers are great for dry cleaning establishments but metal hangers offer more resilience and are perfect for garment.

Our Range of Garment and Clothing Hangers

Regardless of your sector or industry we guarantee you\'ll find your ideal garment hangers in our best selling range. We have a dedicated team who source the best quality garment hangers for you and your business. Unlike other suppliers, we offer value packs of our garment hanger units. This lets you quickly and easily purchase the amount of hangers you need, all at low, low prices.

Buying Hangers From Displaysense UK

Its incredibly quick and easy to get your garment hangers with Displaysense UK. We work hard to maintain stock in our warehouse in order the demand from businesses in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.