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Floor Standing Shelf Displays

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Buying Guide

Gondolas and Merchandising Units

Gondolas and merchandising units are an ideal brilliant way of maximising shop floor retail space and attracting customers to your product displays. Whatever your preference, budget and requirements we\'re positive you\'ll find a complimentary gondola or merchandise unit here at Displaysense.

Slatwall Gondola Units

Slatwall gondolas are an extremely easy and effective way of continuously changing your retail display to the public. Simply change the layout of the unit by un-clipping the slatwall accessories and repositioning them elsewhere. Customising a slatwall gondola is amazingly cheap and easy to accomplish, simply browse the Displaysense range of slatwall accessories to find suitable attachments, such as euro hooks or slopped shelves and simply attach them to the slatwall gondola as you wish.

Glass Gondolas

A Glass gondola offers a premium sense of style to any retail experience, however doesn\'t carry an overly premium price tag. Browse through the Displaysense range of glass gondola units to find a suitable solution to compliment your retail experience, such as cherry or beech finished base or even a glass gondola in different sizes. With so many gondola shelving units available we\'re positive you\'ll find a suitable unit to compliment your store environment.

Merchandising Units & Shelving

If you\'re looking for a merchandising unit to display your in-store products, then look no further. Displaysense has a fantastic range of merchandising units in various sizes and colours that will really attract customer attention to the products on display. With a broad range to choose from, including multiple arm clothes rails to multiple shelves, you are sure to find the perfect retail display.

Wire Mesh Display Units

Wire Mesh Display Units units or gridwall displays are an eye catching industrial styled merchandising display unit. Whether you\'re looking for a ready designed gridwall gondola or looking to create a bespoke unit, then look no further. Displaysense offer a fantastic range of pre-designed gridwall gondolas and offer an expansive range of components in order to create a personalised bespoke merchandising unit.

Display Islands

If you\'re looking to create an ample amount of space to display merchandising products, then look no further. Displaysense has a broad selection of display islands ideal for creating an attractive, affordable and desirable means of displaying products to the public. With their multiple tiers, the height of the island shelving displays demand attention and encourage customer interaction.