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Gridwall Mesh Shelving

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Buying Guide

Gridwall Mesh Shelving

Gridwall shelving is an affordable and versatile alternative to Slatwall shelving. Gridwall mesh shelving displays are strong and durable as well as incredibly lightweight and portable. These qualities, combined with its speed of installation, make Gridwall shelf units a great choice for exhibitions, market stalls, clothing outlets, gift shops and the DIY / hardware sector.

Types of Gridwall Shelving

At Displaysense you\'ll find we have a wide range of Gridwall units; all of which offer a unique and effective format for displaying a host of products to customers or for storage purposes. Our range of wall mounted Gridwall solutions are designed for wide array of applications, as are our selection of floor standing Gridwall shelving units. Both the wall mounted Gridwall shelving systems and the floor standing Gridwall shelving systems are complimented by our range of Gridwall components that include rails, arms and hooks.

Uses of Gridwall Mesh Shelving

The retail, commercial, display and storage applications that Gridwall shelving units are suitable for is huge. Each Gridwall component we offer expands the possibilities of the Gridwall shelving units as any number of display solutions can be designed and constructed quickly and easily.


These Gridwall shelves are high stock items and available for fast delivery. If you have any questions regarding the Gridwall shelving display range, please feel free to contact the Displaysense sales team where we\'ll be happy to help.

Purchasing of Gridwall Mesh Shelving

Choose the Gridwall shelf display to suit you and click on the red buy now button. Fill out your details online or contact us over the phone and let our proficient sales team do the rest.

Choose from our wide range of Gridwall Mesh Builds or create your own display using a variety of our components