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Heavy Duty Clothing Rails

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Buying Guide

Your Guide to Buying Heavy Duty Clothing Rails from Displaysense

As the leading supplier of Heavy Duty Clothing Clothing Rails in the UK, Displaysense can offer choice, value and advice to ensure your choose the right product. With a variety of clothing rail options in stock this guide is designed to help filter down to find exactly what you need.

When empty, it is easy to think all rails are the same. It is only when you load them with clothes that you can see a clear difference.

At Displaysense, we understand how important the quality and durability of a clothes rail is to our customers. That is why our range of heavy duty rails has been specifically designed to withstand heavy loads of clothes.

Cost Vs Strength – How to Decided

You can pick up a clothes rail for £10 and when compared to a Displaysense heavy duty rail may seem a viable option that is until it is delivered. We have looked at supplying and tested low cost rail solutions and our opinion is that they are actually the most expensive rails you can buy. When loaded up, chances are they will break, that not only means buying new ones, but you may also damage the items that were hanging on it and you will waste your time.

The Displaysense heavy duty range we consider to be the toughest on the market and very well priced. Our range gives you all the strength you will need from a rail at a price that offer excellent value for money.

Which Style and Size Rail will you Need?

Choice and value are key to the Displaysense offering and that is why we have one of the biggest ranges of durable clothes rails on the market. You will find a selection of sizes to choose from; all the way from 3 feet up to 6 feet in width.

If height is also a requirement, we also offer a range of extension poles that allow you to increase the height of your rails when needed.

In addition to our standard adult range, we have a range of junior rails which are perfect for compact spaces or use in children’s environments.

Once you have chosen your size, you will then then to consider your style of rail. Displaysense supply heavy duty clothes rails in a choice of black and chrome finishes to suit your preferences.

Choosing Extra’s and Additions for Your Rails

On top of the extension poles that we mentioned earlier, you can also choose to add centre bars, shelves, covers, hangers, sign holders and larger heavy duty wheels to your rails.

Centre bars are a great addition if you have shorter garments to hang and you need to fit more on your rail. By adding a centre bar you can double the hanging space available for the fraction of the cost compared to buying 2 separate rails.

We offer shelves for both the top and bottom of the rail, providing additional storage space, plus allowing you to store items such as shoes that would generally not be possible on a rail.

Rail covers are ideal for protecting clothes when in storage, transport or simply when you need to ensure garments stay looking their best. Simply slide your cover over the rail and zip up for extra protection.

Our clothes rail sign holders are the ultimate accessory to promote the garments on display. If you are looking to create a ‘sale rail’ then simply add the sign holder and your sale sign for an instant sale display.

All moveable rails come with small coasters as standard which are perfect for most environments such as shows, retail stores exhibition floors, however should you need to transport your rail across some tougher terrain such as car parks or small grassed areas then you may want to consider our heavy duty rubber castors. They offer greater manoeuvrability and extra strength.

Why Buy Heavy Duty Garment Rails from Displaysense?

As the leading supplier of Garment Rails in the UK, Displaysense offer quality products, great value for money and unparalleled service. We have sourced the highest quality, most hard-wearing models of clothing rails that we know stand up to the demands of our customers. We firmly believe our offering is the best available, however if you need further reassurance, then we also offer a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects plus an industry leading 28 day moneyback guarantee.