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Hindsgaul™ Mannequins

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Hindsgaul™ Mannequins

Our premium brand which delivers bespoke mannequin soltuions at the highest quality. Hindgaul offer a huge range of coloured stylistic mannequins, sculpted to perfection.

  • Bespoke Colouring - Huge range of mannequin models available in over 200 colours.
  • Professionally Sculpted - Designed and developed by world leading fashion designers.
  • World Renowned Brand - Over 100 years of experience and expertise on the development of high quality mannequins.

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What makes Hindsgaul™ so special?

As one of the leading manufacturers in the display mannequin industry, Hindsgaul™ has the policy of being able to offer at any time a wide range of contemporary and well-functioning mannequins for women, men, teenagers and children. The premium brand specialise in the development of high-end stylish, realistic and naturalistic display mannequins and accessories.

The collections we offer from Hindsgaul™ are based on inspiration and commercial insight from collected and analysed data over many years by the first-class team of designers at Hindsgaul™, all proven with sales power.

Perfect fitting is paramount to all Hindsgaul™ products.

History of Hindsgaul™

Hindsgaul™ was established in 1913 by furniture maker Ferdinand Hindsgaul. The firm was originally involved with production and sale of shop counters and display cabinets but future development led to the sale of display articles including a selection of imported display mannequins. Hindsgaul™ had sole Scandinavian rights to import mannequins from the French company Pierre Imans but the supply of mannequins dried up in 1941.

During the Second World War, mannequins could not be imported to Nazi-occupied Denmark. The nation lost its main trading partners. This meant Hindsgaul™ were losing out and began their own production of mannequins with their first model named 'Eva'. 'Margot' and 'Rita' followed, then a couple of male and children's figures. These were a huge success in Scandinavia and those mannequins were in great demand after the war, both at home and abroad.

After the war, Hindsgaul™ experienced a wide international expansion and development, becoming one of the world's leading suppliers of display mannequins. In 1975 with demands so high, the decision was made to concentrate completely on display mannequins, stopping all activity in the areas of production and sale of shop fittings.

This prestigious brand will never be forgotten. Every mannequin, in every aspect, lives up to the high quality demands and certainty of delivery which customers rightly associate with a product made by Hindsgaul™.