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When it comes to mannequins, Displaysense are the experts! Whether you are searching for a male, female or child mannequin, a headless, faceless or stylistic mannequin, we're positive you'll find a mannequin to suit your shop front here at Displaysense.

Headless Mannequins

The Displaysense range of headless mannequins come in a variety of colours, from black to white and even skin tone. Choose from a number of stances to suit the items of clothing you are looking to display. Ideal for any retail environment.

Faceless Mannequins

Browse though our selection of faceless mannequins to find a suitable product for your display needs. From male to female and in a range of colours and poses, were sure you\'ll find a complementary faceless mannequin here at Displaysense.

Stylistic Mannequins

Are you looking for a mannequin with a unique style? Then look no further. Displaysense have a broad range of stylistic mannequins from a male with its hands behind its back to a female with its hands on its hips. These mannequins have more appeal than a catwalk model, so why go anywhere else.

Realistic Mannequins

Available with a skin tone finish, the Displaysense range of realistic mannequins is one of the most realistic ranges you will find. Add a wig of your choice to the mannequins in order to create a unique display for every day of the week.

Child Mannequins

Browse through our diverse selection of child mannequins, from boys to girls in a range of colours and stances, we are sure you\'ll find a suitable child mannequin here at Displaysense.