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Metal Twin Slot Shelving System

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Buying Guide

Mercury Twin Slot System

Creating a tailored, functional display for a wide range of products is incredibly easy to achieve with our Mercury shelving system. The twin slot design allows a host of individual components to be mounted to the robust brackets. Any number of bespoke displays can be put together to perfectly suit the shop, store, warehouse or storage environment that requires a highly adaptable, professional display system.

Types of Twin Slot System

Displaysense offers you a choice of twin slot shelving system designs that give you an even wider scope of displays to employ. The wall mounted system is used with the twin slot brackets that come in a range of lengths.

The roto twin slot shelving system can be used as a wall mounted or free standing display unit thanks to its innovative and user friendly design. Hard wearing merchandising units, as well as bespoke free standing or wall mounted systems can be easily designed and created by attaching the shelf components to the tubular roto bracket.

Styles of our Mercury shelving displays

We supply all the individual components you\'ll need to create your perfect display system; from the twin slot brackets to the clothes rails, arms and hooks needed to support your products. We also offer a wide range of assembly builds that give you the opportunity to quickly find, purchase and install popular and widely used designs of twin slot systems that can be further adapted and added to with extra components.

Uses of Twin slot shelving

Twin slot shelving can be used in a huge variety of industries for a large number of uses and applications. Mercury systems are widely used across the retail and fashion sectors due to its adaptability and versatility as well as its attractive price. Displaysense prides itself on not only providing you with the very best twin slot components and builds but also offering excellent prices and guarantees.

Mercury Finesse Range

Displaysense also offers our customers a choice of finshes for their twin slot displays. As well as the standard chrome finish, a high quality light oak version is available for those looking for something more suitable for their boutique. The Mercury \'Finesse\' range brings together the modern fusion of wood and black powder coated metal to create attractive and adaptable solutions for clothing promotions and displays. This premium range shares many of the attributes of the floor standing roto range and can be added to with many of the existing chrome components to expand and personalize the unit.

Availability of Mercury twin slot units

The twin slot shelving systems we offer are high stock items that are available for fast delivery.

Purchasing a twin slot display

Buying a twin slot shelving display unit is incredibly quick and easy - simply press the red \'Buy Now\' button on the product page and follow the on screen directions, or alternatively, pick up the phone and get in touch with one of our friendly customer services operatives who can answer any further questions that you may have about our Mercury range.