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Your Guide to Buying Pavement Signs and A-Boards

There is a huge choice of shapes, sizes and styles of sign designed to display messages and choosing the right one depends on your specific needs. The aim of this guide is to help ensure you find the right display for your needs.

Choosing Chalkboard Pavement Signs

Often seen outside pubs, bars and café’s chalkboards are a great way to display temporary messages in a way that shows creativity and personality. You often see upcoming events, sports matches, special offers etc displayed on this type of board as it’s simple and quick to write on and even quicker to remove. With no need to have a computer or printer, you can create effective messages by simply handwriting promotional messages using chalk pens.

Our boards are designed to use liquid chalk pens rather than traditional chalk as they offer more impactful colour and are weather resistant, which is pretty much essential in this country! The chalk pens are durable to general weather, however when you want to change your message, simply use our chalkboard cleaner and cloth to return your board back to its original black status.

Weather Proof Signs – What to Look for in an Outdoor Sign

Whilst most boards can withstand some levels of weather, not all are designed for being left outside in the wind and rain. If they are not specifically designed to be outside you may over time see the wooden base warp, or if a metal frame then the poster being displayed may get wet.

If you need your pavement sign to be displayed come rain or shine then we highly recommend you chose a sign that is built for this purpose.

Windproof signs: If a sign is positioned in a pedestrian area and open to the elements then a windproof sign would be a strong option. Signs that are not designed to withstand wind can be blown over which can have several negative impacts such as damage to the frame, pedestrians being hit or your key message not being seen. There are several options designed to withstand wind such as swinging signs which allow the sign to swing with the wind rather than try and resist and ultimately getting blown over if too strong. Swinging signs are good for moderate winds, however will only withstand a certain amount. If you need a sign that will often be prone to strong winds then a wind resistant sign would be most suitable. Wind resistant pavement signs typically have a water filled base which makes them light to transport (with water removed) and strong and sturdy once filled and in place.

Snap Frame A-Boards – For Regular Change of Posters

Snap frame poster displays are a fast and efficient way of displaying posters that need to be changed on a regular basis, such as menu’s, offers and events. Where as many traditional pavement signs fix the poster in place and need to be unassembled to remove, snap frame a-boards allow the poster to be changed in seconds without the display being moved.

To change a poster in a snap frame, simply unclip the frame edges, peel back the plastic protective sheet, swap posters and clip back in place. We also offer lockable snap frames that prevent passers-by from easily opening the frame ensuring that your messages are not tampered with.

Indoor Use of A-Board Signs

Most standard a-boards would look strange in an indoor environment, however we have introduced a range of signs that would look perfect in places such as foyers and lobby’s. Our range of sign holders offer an essential means of providing temporary signs to customers within foyers, lobbies and reception areas.