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Buying Guide

Plastic Clothes Hangers – Top Buying Tips

Environmental Considerations

Plastic hangers often get bad press for the sheer amount that are sent to landfill sites each year. To ensure us as a supplier and you as a customer do not contribute to this we ensure our range is built to last so that there shouldn’t be a need to throw them away.

Hang-on to those Hangers

Counter-productive to us selling plastic hangers, but great for the environment, you should always ask customers if they want to take the hanger away with them on purchase. Many customer have more than enough plastic hangers so are more likely to throw yours away when then get home. If you ask them if they want to take it home, many will say no which will reduce your costs of buying new hangers plus help minimise the amount being sent to landfill.

Find the Right Hanger to Suit Your Garment

Most people don’t utilise the full range of plastic hangers available. While on a quick glance there may not look a huge difference between each, if you take a closer look there will be a hanger specifically designed for each type of garment. The right hanger for the right garment will help display the clothes how they should be seen which will in turn help sell them.

Types of Plastic Hanger

Jacket Hangers: These tend to have a thicker more durable top which suits the broader size of a jacket, allowing the garment to be displayed correctly. If a thin hanger is used, it is more likely to buckle under the weight and either break or bend affecting how the jacket looks.

Trouser Hangers: Simply put, they display trousers. But where as many people use a hanger with a bottom bar to display trousers, a purpose built trouser hanger will hold the trousers firmly in place and stop the garment from slipping off.

Clip and Clamp Hangers: If you have delicate or slippery garments, then a clip and clamp hanger is right for you. These hangers simply clamp onto the garment ensuring there is no chance the item will fall off. This type of hanger is often used with trouser and skirts.

We also supply more unusual types of plastic coat hanger such as expanding variations and plastic hangers that are designed to hold shoes. All of these combined ensure that Displaysense is the one stop shop for all of your plastic coat hanger needs.

Being Cost Effective

Plastic hangers can be a more cost effective alternative to wooden hangers. We say ‘can be’ as this requires you to ensure you buy good quality plastic hangers. If you use price and your number one factor for choosing a hanger then you can end up paying more in the long run as cheap hangers are often low quality and more likely to break. All our hangers are of a high quality plastic and a proven success with clothes stores, so you can be assured that buying with Displaysense will offer you are great value solution.