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Propress Garment Steamers | Pro Series

Pro 290 and Pro 580 ~ Perfect for commercial use

Pro Press Professional Clothes Steamer

Propress Steamer

Displaysense offers a selection of propress steamers for you to choose from. Synonymous with durability and high performance, propress clothes steamers are a great choice for those that require a steamer for more commercial and high intensity purposes.

Types of Propress Clothes Steamer

We supply the following types of propress garment steamer units to companies throughout the UK and beyond:

Propress Pro 290

The Propress Pro 290 Clothes Steamer is a popular unit that is capable of producing excellent results. Boasting a 2 litre water capacity this Propress Steamer can operate for over 60 minutes. A hose measuring 1.65 metres comes with this Propress Garment Steamer for easy steaming. The propress 290 is the smaller and lighter of our propress clothes steamers.

Propress Pro 580

A very durable and robust unit, the Propress Pro 580 Clothes Steamer is the larger and more heavy duty option in our propress fabric steamer range. The water capacity of this propress garment steamer is an impressive 4 litres which allows for over 120 minutes of continual use. This large tank capacity makes the propress 580 steamer an ideal choice for those needing a steaming solution for commercial purposes.

Benefits of Propress Clothes Steamers

Propress steamers have a reputation for being reliable and hard wearing steamers that are capable of providing fantastic support for retail and fashion retailers who require a quick and straight forward way to remove creases, crinkles, folds and other blemishes from their garment stocks.

Propress Pro Garment Steamers

Propress Garment Steamer Tips

Using one of these Propress Clothes Steamers will allow you to bypass the dated and time consuming method of ironing. A propress fabric steamer is able to quickly remove all creases from your garments and fabrics without risk of burning or damaging them. A good tip for retailers when using a propress clothes steamer is to leave the garments on the rail. This saves you even more time, is far more efficient and minimises hassle.

Ordering a Propress Fabric Steamer

Purchasing a propress clothes steamer from Displaysense UK couldn’t be simpler. We operate an incredibly simple checkout process that allows you to order a propress garment steamer online with no fuss. If you’d like to talk to someone regarding your propress clothes steamers order then you pick up the phone and talk to our helpful customer service team how will be happy to help.

Propress Clothes Steamer Reviews

Product Reviewed:  Propress Pro 290 Commercial Garment Steamer - 2 litre capacity | Product Code: GAR700

Rating: Excellent5

Customer Review:  After some consideration we decided to go with the Propress 290 steamer. Couldn’t be happier. Powerful and impressed with the service we’ve received as well.

Reviewed By:  Peter at FDA | Review Date: 20/11/2011

Product Reviewed:  Propress Pro 580 Commercial Garment Steamer - 4 litre capacity | Product Code: GAR800

Rating: Excellent5

Customer Review:  Delivered quickly and excellent customer service. The propress clothes steamer is great, thanks Displaysense!

Reviewed By:  JT | Review Date: 15/11/2011

Product Reviewed:  Propress Pro 580 Commercial Garment Steamer - 4 litre capacity | Product Code: GAR800

Rating: Excellent5

Customer Review:  Happy with the steamer. We had a propress before at our old premises, it never let us down.

Reviewed By:  Geoff | Review Date: 05/01/2012

On average our products rate 5 out of 5 stars based on 3 review(s).

ProPress Pro Clothes Steamer - Distributed by Displaysense Ltd

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