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Retractable Barriers and Barrier Posts

Crowd control barrier systems are a vital part of maintaining an efficient and effective pedestrian flow within a wide number of environments; from shop floors to airports. Displaysense offers a selection of barrier posts and barrier ropes that can be used to manage the queuing customers or employees in a professional way. Using a crowd control barrier like a tensa barrier has an immediate positive effect on the efficiency and overall aesthetic of the area the queue barrier is being used in. Advantages such as these make pedestrian barriers a widely used tool throughout several diverse industries.

The Displaysense range of crowd barriers:

Retractable Barriers

The retractable queuing barrier range comes in a selection of strap colours including red, blue and black and grey. Wall mounted variations of rope and retractable barriers allow you to tailor the crowd control system to perfectly suit your needs.

Rope Barrier Posts

To compliment our best selling range of queue barriers we also stock rope barrier solutions. These rope barriers are well suited for use in and around clubs, bars and other entertainment businesses. Individual ropes can be found in our rope barrier category for use with the crowd control rope post.

Uses of Crowd Barriers

The applications of crowd barriers are wide ranging and include virtually every industry. A successful crowd control system can increase the speed and efficiency of a business directly serving customers. There are also numerous health and safety benefits of installing and operating a crowd barrier system as well as reducing space cluttered by uncontrolled queues.

These added safety advantages, combined with the orderly, efficient crowd control capabilities and the attractive, low profile aesthetic makes crowd control barriers a worthwhile addition for any business or institution looking to improve and optimise their premises.

Premium Barrier Post Range

Several queue barriers in this section are part of our premium range. Barriers posts such as Tensator queue barriers or others that are marked as 'premium' feature exceptional build quality and manufacturing specifications as well as superior construction materials and overall design excellence. The superb quality of these premium queuing barrier uk items and Tensabarriers make them a great choice for those who need an attractive, highly effective and efficient pedestrian barrier that can be used in a huge variety of environments for long periods of time. If you would like to know more about our premium queuing barriers and their advantages over traditional ranges of crowd barriers then why not pick up the phone and talk to one of our customer services operators who will be happy to explain more.

Styles of Queue Barriers

All items in our chrome barrier post range, including our popular range of Tensator barriers, come in a stylish choice of colours and finishes that provide a professional and attractive appearance as well as being hard wearing and highly functional. The flat, rectangular design of the straps on some of these que barriers are highly visible and incredibly easy to attach to another unit; giving you the opportunity to construct larger, more complex queuing solutions. The ropes we provide for the customer barriers and queuing posts come in a choice of designs; all of which are stylish, robust and long lasting.

What Pedestrian Barriers are Best for You?

To get the right crowd control barriers for the specific needs of your business, you should consider a few of these questions. What environments are the queue barriers going to be used in? Do you require queue management barriers or a more specific range of restaurant barriers? If space is tight, we advise wall mounted variations of barrier posts. Many premium barrier posts have a wall mounted adaptor clip that is perfect for saving on space without compromising on quality. Some designs of queue barriers are traditionally used for in more commercial environments such as airports and cinemas due to the taut, clearly defined areas that the straps, rather than the ropes, achieve. Rope versions look great in more relaxed surroundings such as nightclubs and bars but shouldn\'t be underestimated in their ability to control pedestrian traffic.

Availability of Crowd Control Barriers

All of our pedestrian barriers are high stock items and available for immediate delivery.

Crowd Barrier Accessories

To truly get the most out of your barrier posts, we suggest adding some specially designed accessories. Displaysense has chosen several accessories that can increase the efficiency of the queue barriers, the barriers safety and make the whole system even more user friendly. These crowd control barriers accessories include detachable sign holders that can be used to keep users of the crowd control system well informed and up to date with any relevant developments; perfect for airports or ticket collection areas. Adding floor standing sign holders can also help in further improving the pedestrian flow system.

Purchasing a Pedestrian Barrier System

To purchase any queue barriers simply choose the item you would like and click on the 'Buy Now' button; you then simply follow the on screen instructions that guide you through the payment and delivery options. Alternatively, pick up the phone and call one of our helpful customer services operators who will be happy to help with your purchase or any other inquiries you may have on the range.