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Shopping Baskets & Trolleys - Shopping Baskets - Retail

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Shopping Baskets & Trolleys

This range of shopping baskets and stacking units allow customers to easily collect and transport their choice of products around the store and to the payment area. Coming in a choice of sizes, colours and builds, the shop baskets we offer are excellent value for money and a vital part of the retail experience.

Types of Shopping Basket

As well as the single baskets we have put together functional and user friendly builds that incorporate our basket stacking bases with a number of plastic and wire baskets. These units are designed to give an instantly usable, space saving and affordable shopping solution for retailers to offer their customers.

Styles of Shopping Basket

Our wire and plastic shopping baskets utilise a double, fold flat handle design that gives the customer added control and security when using it. The stackable attributes of the wire and plastic baskets make them an ergonomic and customer friendly shopping assistance system.

Uses of Shopping Baskets & Trolleys

Providing a simple and effective method of in-store product transport for customers is an integral part of a successful retail environment. The plastic basket range, alongside the wire basket range and selection of stacking bases for stackable baskets are the perfect way for shoppers to experience an efficient and comfortable purchasing venture.


These products are high stock items and available for fast delivery. If you have any questions regarding the shop basket range, contact the Displaysense sales team and they will be happy to help.

Purchasing a Shopping Basket

Buying one of our shopping baskets is incredibly quick and easy - simply press the red \'Buy Now\' button on the product page and follow the on screen directions, or alternatively, pick up the phone and get in touch with one of our friendly customer services operatives who can answer any further questions that you may have about the range.