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Buying Guide

Your Guide to Buying Queuing Barriers from Displaysense

As the leading supplier of Queuing Barriers and Crowd Control Barriers in the UK, Displaysense can offer choice, value and advice to ensure you choose the right product. Suitable for a wide range of events and businesses our Queuing Barrier Systems are the perfect solution to controlling queues and crowds in your store, at busy exhibitions, museums, tourist attraction, airports and entertainment venues.

Types of Queuing Barrier

Retractable Belt Barriers

Create the Ultimate Queuing Barrier System with our range of Retractable Belt Barriers, by using multiple retractable queuing barriers, more complex and higher capacity queuing systems can easily be accomplished. These standard crowd barrier posts are perfect for light commercial use and can be used with all colours and lengths of straps due to the 360 degree universal attaching points.

Rope Barrier Posts

Our Rope and Pole Barriers are a versatile solution to queuing and crowd control measures. The design of our Rope Barrier Posts provide a secure platform from which to link Rope to; sealing off designated areas, acting as a security deterrent and managing crowds of people. 

Cafe Barriers

Cafe Barriers offer a great promotional tool as well as being a cost effective way for extending or creating additional space within any area. Our Cafe Barrier Systems feature all you need to make a fully functional cafe barrier. 


Displaysense are proud to be an approved supplier of all Tensator Products, including the Tensabarrier Retractable Barriers and their range of In-Queue Merchandising in the UK. Tensator is gloabally renowned as the leader in management of the customer journey, improving the customer experience by increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.