March 2022

Shop with handbags displayed 03/03/2022

Why Did You Buy That?

The psychological tricks retailers use to make you buy more Have you ever reached the cashier at a shop, and as you watched them scan your items, realised that you have no idea what you just bought? Or that you really don’t need an extra pair of sunglasses and 5 pairs of socks? That’s the power of retail psychology in action. Retail is big business, and the value of retailing has increased astronomically since 2005 as you can see in the chart below. This ever-increasing value means shops are fighting... Read More

two women 03/03/2022

How Can Seniors Avoid Trip Hazards Around the Home

There are a lot of things to think about when you’re getting ready for retirement. One thing that’s super important, yet easy to overlook, is making your home safe for ‘ageing in place’.  As you get older, it becomes increasingly important to take precautions to avoid potential trip hazards in your home. Falling is one of the most common causes of injury for seniors and can often lead to more serious health problems. What’s more, over 36 million falls[i] are reported among older adults each year and they have resulted... Read More