Clothes shop 05/08/2022

Data Reveals Cities Where Fashion Retail Is Still Alive

Fashion retailing has been on the rocks for a long time. As an industry that is completely dictated by trends, it makes sense to keep on top of what it is your customers are currently loving. It’s also hugely important to understand what is going on industry-wide as many shops make the move to solely trading online and leave the high street. The latest report by the Displaysense team uncovers which regions fashion is still alive in, so you know the most promising places to focus your efforts on in... Read More

person holding phone with TikTok app open over a coffee table 03/05/2022

Proof of TikTok’s Viral Influence on Home Décor Trends

and how it impacts consumer behaviour If you sell furniture, accessories and home décor products, or your business focuses on interior design, it’s vital that you get on board the TikTok hype and learn about the trends that are taking over the internet. The platform has a huge impact on consumer behaviour, pushing them to go crazy for certain products and interior styles. With a growth rate of 325% in 2020 alone, TikTok is officially one of the fastest-growing social platforms that have ever existed. In fact, it currently has... Read More


If Online Retail Heroes Had Offline Origin Stories

Once upon a time, people relied on their favourite high-street stores for their must-have shopping needs. Yet in the modern age, many of these staple stores have been replaced with online alternatives. But what if our online shopping favourites had once lived in the real world? We decided to bring the charm of the high street to our top five favourite online shopping destinations for a peek behind the curtain of what might have been if these stores had once had brick and mortar premises. Take our virtual tour around... Read More


Time Shop: The High Street of the Future

We have waved goodbye to Woolworths and its legendary pick ‘n’ mix, we saw the heartbreaking closure of childhood wonderland, Toys R Us,  and even department store royalty, House of Fraser, is struggling to keep up the footfall. Changing consumer habits and advancing technology is taking its toll, spelling uncertain times for the high street as we know it. But is it true what they say? Is the high street really dead? Absolutely not. Quite the contrary, in fact. Our nation’s beloved bricks and mortar retail sector is simply evolving,... Read More

high street shoppers 17/04/2018

What Is Visual Merchandising?

Every brand with a brick and mortar presence, whether that be high street, corner boutique or retail park, will tell you just how critically important their store environment and store front is. We can see in retail at the moment that it’s not only important to get it right but how difficult it is to keep up with the pace of changing consumer tastes and what their expectations are of a brand in the digital age. In it’s simplest form, visual merchandising is a way of planning and designing a... Read More