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Display Cabinets & Display Cases

As the leading supplier of Glass Display Cabinets in the UK, Displaysense can offer choice, value and advice to ensure you choose the right cabinet for your needs. Whether it’s to show off your high value products within your store such as a Vape Store or Jewellery Store, or trophies at a school, we understand that practical pieces don’t need to sacrifice style. Not only that but all of our display cabinets are made from only the highest grade materials to ensure you’ll get a display cabinet to last you through the test of time.

With over 100 cabinets available in stock, and with plenty of features to choose from it is vital to ensure you have made an informed decision when purchasing your next Display Cabinet.

What type of cabinets do we sell?

You can choose from a wide range of cabinet styles at Displaysense:

  • Wall Mounted Cabinets
  • Free Standing Cabinets
  • Display Counters
  • Floor Cabinets
  • Corner Cabinets
  • Trophy Cases
  • Counter Top Display Cases
  • Museum Display Cabinets
  • Glass Showcases
  • Exhibition Display Cabinets

What material to choose?

Glass Cabinets

The majority of our glass display cabinets are built with high quality tempered glass, offering a crystal clear finish that is strong and durable. Whether you’re displaying goods in a retail environment or showing off your family photos and ornaments, glass display cabinets offer all round viewing with the protection from dust, dirt and curious fingers. Use a simple glass cleaner to get rid of unwanted smudges or fingerprints; complete the professional look with a streak free shine.

Aluminium Cabinets

Aluminium offers a strong, modern frame for your display cabinet. Aluminium display cabinets are hard wearing and suitable for busy environments. Choose from a variety of finishes including satin and brushed aluminium. Aluminium display cabinets are easy to maintain and clean, use a soft microfiber cloth to remove dust inside and on the cabinet or counter’s surface.

Wood Cabinets

Wooden display cabinets are a classic, reliable display option. Manufactured from high grade wood with a variety of finishes, wooden cabinets offer a strong, stable unit suitable for commercial or home use. The majority of our wood display cabinets are manufactured from high quality veneered MDF or natural wood.

What features are available?

Lockable Display Cabinets

Whether you are using your cabinet to display jewellery or artefacts, the chances are the items on display will be of high value or sentiment and that’s why it is imperative that you have considered a locking system on your Cabinet.

We supply a range of Display Cabinets with locking doors to ensure your goods will be safe and secure to avoid theft. The additional price you’ll pay for a locking cabinet is only marginal, and may save you in the long run. Not only that, if you’re Display Cabinet is out on a shop floor it is more than likely a prerequisite from an insurance company that there is a locking system.

Illuminated Display Cabinets

To accentuate the contents on display we also supply a range of Cabinets fitted with lights. Similar to lockable display cabinets, lights do tend to add a small cost to the initial purchase; however the value they add is tremendous.

If lighting is an option you are looking at then you need to consider what type of lighting to choose.

Halogen Lights

The cheaper lighting option that we provide within our cases, are Halogen lights, these will give off a bright white glow that will shimmer off your products on display however they do have a few downsides. Whilst lasting longer and burning brighter than a standard bulb they tend to become very hot which can be an issue if the product on display can be damaged by heat. If you opt for a Cabinet with Halogen Lights we would suggest the lights are only switched on for a short period of time.

LED Lights

An alternative to the Halogen Lights, is our most popular lighting system, LED. Whilst still emitting a nice white glow, LED lighting gives off next to no heat & are very cost efficient, meaning they can be left on day and night, ideal for use in Museums or a Jewellery store.

Adjustable Shelving

Add some flexibility to your cabinet with adjustable shelving, allowing you to create a dynamic display which can be easily changed and space can be created as and when needed.

Discover your next Display Cabinet here at Displaysense