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Glass Display Cabinets & Cases

As the leading supplier of Glass Display Cabinets in the UK, we can offer choice, value and advice to ensure you choose the right display case for your needs. Whether you’re a store owner looking to showcase merchandise or simply wanting to house your heirlooms and collectibles in your living room at home, here you’ll find a fantastic collection of aluminium and glass cabinets to choose from.

Our Display Cases and Cabinets range

Showcase your high value items in style, whether that be jewellery or fine china, tall display units featuring tempered glass shelving, will better elevate merchandise to customer’s eye level within your store. Boast your schools trophies in one of our charming trophy cabinets, featuring rigid frames and lockable glass doors to protect your recent triumphs, whilst leaving them for all to see through the crystal clear glass panels. For additional storage, some of our floor standing cabinets and shop counters come with an integrated cupboard within the bottom to provide you with that extra storage for your stock. If you’re short on floor space opt for a wall mounted oak cabinet that benefits from high grade materials in addition to great looking textures and grains within the wood finish. Please see below for our full offering :

  • Floor Standing Retail Showcases – specifically designed for use in commercial environments our floor standing tower cases are available with either Aluminium or Wooden frames, and with a choice of single glass or double glass doors.
  • Wall Mounted Cases – Boasting the same features and quality of our floor standing units, but for those with minimal floor space. These wall units are ideal for use in retail environments and equally popular for home use.
  • Museum and Jewellery Showcases –With crystal clear glass viewing, and with options featuring pull out drawers, these display cases and pedestals offer a professional and stylish way of showcasing artefacts and jewellery.
  • Trophy Cases – Available in floor standing, wall mounted and counter top options, show off your recent triumphs in style with these fantastic glass trophy cabinets.
  • Model Display Cases – Whether you’re a collector of model cars or won an auction for a signed football boot our range of small handcrafted model display cases are perfect for protecting and displaying your memorabilia and collectable items.
  • Shop Counters – Ideal store fixtures to both showcase products and for use as a till area. Choose from counters with shelving, storage compartments and portable options.
  • Counter Top Cases – great for displaying smaller items of merchandise and an ideal space saver if you are struggling for floor space.
  • Exhibition Cases – collapsible exhibition cabinets which can easily be transported and set up, perfect for both large and small scale events and trade shows.

What material to choose?

Each of our cabinets have been crafted from the finest materials and designed for commercial use, with many units being tested and fire rated to adhere to “BS 5852:2006, Section 12, Ignition Sources 0, 1 & 5” (this will be stated on each unit that is applicable).

Tempered Glass

Built with high quality tempered glass, offering a crystal clear finish that is strong and durable glass cabinets offer all round viewing with the protection from dust, dirt and curious fingers.


Aluminium offers a strong, modern frame for your display cabinet. Hard wearing and easy to maintain, these units are suitable for busy environments, and a great choice for jewellery display cabinets.


A classic, reliable display option that can be used for either retail or home use, stock with vintage antiques, collection of crockery or personal collectibles. Manufactured from high grade wood with a variety of finishes, curio cabinets offer a strong, stable unit suitable that will suit many decors.

What features are available?

Locking Doors

Whether you are using your cabinet to store jewellery or artefacts, the chances are the items on show will be of high value or sentiment and that’s why it is imperative that you have considered a locking system.

We supply a range of lockable glass door cabinets to ensure your goods will be safe and secure to avoid theft. The additional price you’ll pay is only marginal, and may save you in the long run.

Cabinets with Lights

To accentuate the contents on display we also supply a range of Cabinets with lights. Similar to lockable display cabinets, lights do tend to add a small cost to the initial purchase; however the value they add is tremendous.

If lighting is an option you are looking at then you need to consider what type of lighting to choose.

Halogen Lights

The cheaper lighting option that we provide within our cases, are Halogen lights, these will give off a bright white glow that will shimmer off your products, however they do have a few downsides. Whilst lasting longer and burning brighter than a standard bulb they tend to become very hot which can be an issue if the product on show can be damaged by heat.

LED Lights

An alternative to the Halogen Lights, is our most popular lighting system, LED. Thanks to their cooler operating temperatures and efficient power use, LED lighting is a smart choice for use in Museums or as jewellery display cabinets for shops.

Adjustable Shelving

Add some flexibility to your cabinet with glass shelves that can be adjusted, allowing you to create a dynamic display which can be easily changed and space can be created as and when needed.

Discover your perfect Display Cabinet

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality display cases at affordable prices. Thanks to our fantastic discounts on bulk orders, you’ll get an even better price if you’re looking for a complete shop fit out. With many lines held in stock and ready to ship, we are able to offer fast delivery at a time that suits you. So whether you’re looking for a floor standing, wall mounted or counter top case to showcase and highlight model car displays, vape or jewellery displays, school trophies or simply retails displays we’re confident you’ll discover the perfect Cabinet for your business or establishment.