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Queuing & Crowd Barriers

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Queue Barriers & Crowd Control

Crowd control and queuing barrier systems are a vital part of maintaining an efficient and effective pedestrian flow within a wide number of environments; from shop floors to airports. Displaysense offers a selection of retractable barrier posts and barrier ropes that can be used to manage the queuing customers or employees in a professional way.

Types of barrier systems

We stock a variety of queue management systems suitable for many environments:

  • Post & Rope Barriers
  • Retractable Barriers
  • Café Barriers
  • Wall Mounted Barrier

What are the advantages of queuing barriers?

  • Control customer flow
  • Simple crowd management
  • Professional look
  • Versatile system that can be extended or added to
  • Easily re-position or transport as necessary

What queuing barrier to choose?

Here at Displaysense we strive to cater to all budgets and applications which is why we stock such an extensive range of queue management and crowd control solutions.

Choose from 3 brands:

  • Stahldas – A choice of retractable, café banner and rope barriers from our Stahldas and Stahldas Pro range
  • Q-Line – Universal and affordable retractable, rope and wall mounted barriers including printed safety messaging and heavy duty outdoor posts to choose from
  • Tensabarrier – World Renowned Market Leaders supplying retractable, wall and rope queuing barriers with popular styles such as Rollabarrier and Advance available from Displaysense

Each brand boasts their own key safety features and strengths from Tensabarrier’s patented centrifugal braking system to Q-Line’s universal connector end. Not sure which brand is right for you? Contact us on Live Chat or give us a call for more information.

Where should queue barriers be used?

  • Retail & Shop
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Cafes & Restaurant
  • Exhibitions & Events
  • Concerts
  • Night Clubs & Bars
  • Reception & Waiting Areas
  • Pop Up Stalls

Cafe Barriers & Banners

As well as our range of Retractable and Rope Barriers, we also offer a collection of cafe barriers and banners that provide a hugely adaptable solution for all kinds of businesses. A common sight on streets across the world, cafe barriers are incredibly popular with cafes, eateries and bars but are also widely used across a number of other industries and sectors.

Taking advantage of all available commercial and retail space is an important step to maximise the potential of your business. Cafe and restaurant barriers are perfect for increasing the capacity of customers you are able to cater for and also adds an extra dynamic to your business by offering an environment that offers fresh air and al fresco dining.

Not only do our range of cafe barriers give you the ability for creating additional space, by using the canvas to display your logo and branding they are also an effective marketing and promotional tool.