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Retractable Barriers

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Retractable Queuing Barriers

At Displaysense, we provide a huge range of Retractable Barriers that cater for every budget, including our exclusive Q-Line and Stahldas barrier systems. We stock options for both indoor and outdoor use, and a large choice of colour options both in the strap and stanchion post itself.

By using multiple retractable queuing barriers, more complex and higher capacity crowd control systems can easily be accomplished.

How do Retractable Barriers work?

An expandable barrier uses a retractable strap attached to a pole or wall mounted slot. A corresponding attaching point is required to complete the barrier or queue system. When using a system based on poles, a retractable barrier system can become very large and in theory there is no limit to how complex and wide reaching the queue system can become.

It is this incredible versatility that has helped retractable safety barriers become so popular and widespread. Often seen in areas as diverse as airports, coffee shops, cinemas and gymnasiums, stretch barriers have become a vital tool to control pedestrian traffic.

Why use Retractable Barriers?

There are many immediate attractions for using a retractable barrier. The astounding speed and ease with which one can setup a fully operational retractable barrier system is one of the main reasons for their surge in popularity.

There are other reasons for this popularity; these include the large choice of colour options both in the strap and post itself, the relative low cost for such high quality units, the adaptability and ability to create completely bespoke barrier systems and the durable, rugged construction of many retractable barriers that promise many years of service.

Expanding barrier displays can be very easily altered, lengthened, shortened and re-positioned with minimal hassle. This ensures that any business or institution is well prepared for a sudden increase in the amount of pedestrian traffic passing through a specific area.