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Clothes Steamers

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Clothes Steamers & Garment Steamers

Our professional clothes steamers offer fast, reliable and powerful steaming technology at an affordable price. We offer a range of cost effective Garment Steamers that are a great alternative to traditional ironing, suitable for both home or commercial use.

What are the benefits of a Clothes Steamer?

Cut down on ironing time and easily smooth out fabrics with a Clothes Steamer, popular in retail and fashion for fast, hassle free use. A clothes steamer can also be used on upholstery, furniture and other items to help maintain a fresh, clean and hygienic environment.

  • Quick & efficient way to remove creases
  • No need for an ironing board
  • No risk of burning or scorching fabrics
  • Refresh and removes odours from clothing
  • Suitable for delicate fabrics
  • Easy way to remove wrinkles from fiddly garments
  • Steam is more gentle on fabrics compared to ironing
  • Saves time and reduces your dry cleaning bill

Using your Garment Steamer

Here are a few simple tips when using your garment steamer:

  • For best results, allow your clothes steamer to fully heat up before using
  • Test the unit is steaming fully before using with fabric or clothing
  • If you are unsure whether your fabric is suitable, test the steamer on the corner of the fabric or garment first
  • Use hose in a downward motion, no need to press onto fabric
  • Clothing will feel damp after steaming, allow to dry before wearing or hanging
  • Do not use water with additives as this will cause damage to the internal boiler
  • Do not let your steamer run without water in the tank
  • Never steam clothing directly onto a person
  • Steam is very hot, avoid direct contact with skin
  • Once complete ensure you hang the clothing back up neatly to avoid further creases, either on to a clothes rail or in your wardrobe if using at home.

How to care for your Clothes Steamer

To maintain the best results, it is important to regularly descale your steamer. We recommend using a descaler to extend the working life, however simply flushing the water tank with clean water will also help to remove any build-up of scale or residue.

A build-up of lime scale can affect the how much steam the unit can produce. If there is no steam being produced, ensure there is enough water in the tank and try raising the hose to remove condensation.

Always ensure you empty and rinse the water tank once you have finished using your clothes steamer, allowing it to cool down before storing. Clean the main unit using a damp, soft cloth.