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Lecterns & Podiums

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Lecterns & Podiums

Where conferences, seminars and presentations are a regular occurrence, a Lectern should always be present on the stage. Standing up and presenting on stage can be a daunting experience, with some people being more comfortable speaking to an audience than others. When presenting behind a Lectern it will give the speaker more authority on the stage, and give the audience a focal point to attract their attention and in turn enhance their engagement to the speaker. Lecterns are also an ideal piece of furniture on stage for the speaker to keep their notes and/or laptop.

Types of Lectern

Choose from modern to a more of a traditional style depending on where the podium is going to be used. In churches and other religious establishments you may opt for more of a traditional style church lectern to fit in with the rest of the decor. However, for corporate events, board rooms or university lecture halls you may decide a more modern look would be suitable. Whatever requirement you have our range of both modern and traditional lecterns, in Acrylic, Metal or Wood will fit the bill for any environment or setting.

Our Lecterns can be used as a permanent fixture or alternatively we stock a selection of mobile & portable options that would be ideal for use at exhibitions or events, opt for adjustable height lecterns to ensure they are at optimal height for your speaker. If you are purchasing a lectern for exhibition or event use, then you can add some branding to our Perspex and acrylic lecterns to stand out even further.

Whilst traditionally used for presentations, seminars & religious services a Lectern can also be used within front-of-house at restaurants or reception areas for bookings or even displaying the menu.

How to Assemble

Depending on the material of your lectern or even the style, they will mostly be assembled slightly differently. However, generally they will consist of a minimum of 3 pieces; the base, centre pole and reading surface and with a few nuts and screws they are on the whole extremely simple to put together. If you purchase a flat pack assembly lectern, easy to read assembly instructions will be provided.


To compliment your lectern we also supply a range of accessories, from a dust cover to protect your podium, to a clip on light to highlight your literature in darker environments.