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Fashion & Shopping

Did you know? The UK fashion industry contributes around £27 billion to the UK economy, accounting for 15% of all retail sales

UK spending on clothing, footwear and accessories has grown by a massive 28% since 2010. Consumers are more likely to buy into newness more frequently; many shoppers are swayed by speed and convenience.

Did you know? Over 700,000 jobs are supported by the UK fashion industry.

In an ever increasingly competitive market place, it's essential to stand out from the crowd. Create innovative shop displays for your window and shop floor. Mannequins are the perfect display option for fashion and clothing and are available in an abundance of poses and styles.

Industry tip: Originality is appealing to shoppers- an overly corporate looking retail space is often shunned by consumers. Engage with customers with authenticity.

Remember to keep your target audience in mind; create a display that appeals to your shoppers that will encourage them inside and make your business memorable- a distinctive 'personality' will make your brand notable.

Did you know? Around 30% of total online spending is on clothing & footwear.

Small boutiques are set to offer a more intimate and traditional shopping experience, focusing on customer service and interaction. Fashion stores should still focus on technology whilst creating an authentic shopping experience for customers. Use social media to create a buzz, notify shoppers of special shopping events and send personalised offers.

In a technology driven society, retailers are now offering e-receipts instead of the traditional paper receipt, this is a simple service that improves the overall shopping experience for customers. Allow customers to browse more products by introducing tablets in store. Display with a professional, unobtrusive tablet holder, with floor standing and wall mounted options to suit your retail space.

Industry tip: Offer an email sign up at the checkout or tablet to broaden your marketing audience

Want a sure-fire way to boost sales? Generate impulse buys with POS merchandising, a classic sales technique not to be sniffed at. Use display trays and cubes at the till point to display special offers and promotions. Make sure your customers know what offers you have with shelf barkers and sale ticketing to attract their attention.

Presentation is essential for any successful business. Ensure garments are looking crisp by using a professional clothes steamer to get rid of any unwanted creases. Make sure your garments are easily accessible to the customer; use heavy duty garment rails or shelving that can stand up to the hustle and bustle of a busy shop.