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Retail & Shop Floor

Definition of retail: Retail is the sale of goods to end users, not for resale, but for use and consumption by the purchaser.

Retailers are the final link in the supply chain between manufacturers and consumers. Retailing allows the manufacturers to focus on producing the products, while retailers focus their efforts on selling to the public. Retailing is all about displaying and stocking product, showcasing features and benefits of the products and the end goal of making sales.

Did you know? The total value of UK sales in 2016 amounted to a whopping £358 billion.

The way your shop is laid out can influence your customer's buying habits. Firstly, keep the front entrance open and inviting with a clutter free shop front. Create a layout that encourages your customers to continue throughout the store with a natural path to follow. Place your till points at the end of the customer journey; this will encourage customers to spend more time in the store, making them more likely to make a purchase.

Did you know? Studies show that the majority of customers will look left, then right and continue walking to the right when entering a store.

Consumers are big on brand loyalty and will return to a trusted retailer they recognise and feel comfortable shopping with. A consistent shop atmosphere is a key indicator to customers, they want to be able to visit the same brand from one end of the country to another and know they're going to get the same retail experience.

Ensure your shop floor is in keeping with your store theme, a consistent shop space helps to create an atmosphere and will help your customers remember you. Simple things such as consistent coloured clothing rails or slatwall panelling creates a professional look. Avoid a cluttered shop floor, do not over stock rails or shelving and if convenient, stock replenishment can be done out of hours.

Did you know? Almost a third of retail employees are under 25 years old.

Window displays are usually the first thing your customer sees. Make sure your display reflects your business and gives the customer a feel for what your store is all about.  Mannequins are the perfect display option for fashion and clothing and are available in an abundance of poses and styles. Use a consistent finish for your display mannequins so there is a seamless transition between window display and shop floor.

Make things simple… Make sure customers know your opening hours by having these displayed in your shop front with a simple poster or a-frame for the pavement

Make sure your colleagues know their stuff. Product knowledge plays a big role in customer interaction and knowing what promotional offers you have running. A great in-store experience will sway that customer into returning to your shop. Give customers a reason to come to your shop- after all, they can easily stay in the comfort of their home and online shop to their heart's content.

You might be surprised to know: Only 12% of retail sales are made online.

Offer an interactive experience for customers. Sometimes it's not possible for your shop to stock all products or some items may be out of stock in your store, but available in another nearby. Rather than them having to use their own mobile device, use technology such as an iPad or tablet to allow your customers to browse more product and stock from other stores.

Industry tip: Want to know what your customers are really thinking? Gather market research by providing tablets or iPads for customers to leave feedback. A tablet stand is a professional unit that can be placed in any retail environment without obstructing the shop space.

POS display is a great way to boost sales and create an impulse buy. Point of sale marketing is a simple tactic to encourage customers to make last-minute purchases as they get to the till. Focus on low ticket, impulse products; use this opportunity to display offers & sale items. Acrylic display cubes and trays are a modern, durable display option.

Industry tip: Make your business memorable; go beyond the bog standard retail experience by offering other services.

A well know retailer has recently launched a project called 'Our House'- a series of workshops devised to help people reconnect over crafts and activities as simple as potato peeling. The department store has more activities planned such as lessons on how to grind spices by hand and making tea using leaves rather than a teabag.