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Window Displays

An attractive window display could turn a passing glance into an impulse buy. Window displays are the beginning of your customer journey and should be engaging enough to entice passers-by to enter your shop. Your window display needs to talk to potential customers, it should tell them what your business does and what can be expected: from what you sell, the variety of products to prices and promotions.

It's important not to mislead the customer - make sure you're displaying what you actually sell! A bakery wouldn't display shoes in their shop window.

Updating your displays regularly is important. Changing your shop window will keep customers interested and can even be promoted by word of mouth. Showcasing different products and offers keeps your display fresh.

Window displays should also be inspirational, giving customers ideas of what products complement each other.

Use seasonal events or trends to create a shop window theme. Seasonal events such as Christmas, Valentine's etc. are a no-brainer - why not think out the box and go for a more imaginative look; this is a great opportunity to tell a story about your brand, giving passers-by a feel for what your business is all about.

Always take the time to look at the window display from the perspective of the customer - look for what will be visible to the customer's eye level and consider making that a focal point to your display. Creating a dynamic display gives your shop window depth. Use display plinths, blocks and risers to build different levels.

Don't forget to make use of lighting to illuminate your display or draw attention to focal points with spot lights or up lighting.

Remember you don't always have to stuff your window with every single product you stock. Simple, minimal displays can be just as engaging as an elaborate, bold display. This also helps to create a balanced shop window. Use lighting to your advantage, but avoid creating shadows. Lighting should create a light and refreshing window and can be used to focus on particular products.

Remember: If you're promoting a certain product, make sure you're fully stocked!

Mannequins are a welcome feature to any window display. Be creative with different styles and poses to create a dynamic display.