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Pavement Signs & A-Boards

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Pavement Signs and A-Boards

Pavement signs are outdoor displays boards used to advertise a business and attract potential customers. These outdoor signs can be used directly outside your business to display promotional messaging, menu specials or opening times; pavement signs are also a great way to direct customers to your establishment if you are tucked out the way of the busy high street. Placing an A-board on the pavement outside your restaurant, pub or retail store is a great way to inform customers of who you are, or what special offers you may have on a particular day. These types of outdoor signage are particularly effective due to being in the direct line of sight of your customers as they are walking by. Get creative with your a-boards to grab the attention of potential customers, why not even try to make them laugh with an amusing message?!

What is an A-Board?

An A-Board, also known as an A-Frame or Sandwich Board, is one of the most popular types of pavement signs. Due to its ‘A’ shape, sandwich boards are double sided and can display messaging to both directions of customer flow, as well as allowing you to display two different messages at one time. A Board pavement signs are lightweight making them easy to re-position when necessary and can be neatly stored away due to the folding frame. Chalkboards are a popular A-Board display as you can quickly change messages and personalise to your business or customer.

Where to place your Pavement Sign

A poster stand is an incredible way of informing customers and the public of the products or services you could provide to them; this makes getting the right position of your pavement sign or A-board essential in increasing customer footfall. If your business is tucked away use a pavement sign to direct customers to your shop.
It is important to consider a number of factors when placing your sign on the pavement or outside your business. Firstly, the size of your poster, make sure your poster stand does not obstruct customers as they pass or take up most of the pavement. If your pavement sign is going to be displayed in an area with high traffic, make sure you choose a heavy duty sign that can withstand knocks and bumps.
Keep in mind that the location of your pavement sign may depend on certain regulations from your local council, so be sure to check this out first.

Types of Pavement Signs

Metal A-Board Signs

Metal A-Frame pavement signs are made from aluminium or steel, yet are very competitively priced. Available in a range of sizes, to accommodate large or smaller poster displays, as well as frames with inserts that allow you to write your own message. We stock a range of metal a-boards that feature a snap frame allowing you to easily update your poster in seconds. Whilst these metal pavement signs are intended for outdoor use, we do recommend bringing indoors when your establishment is closed or during adverse weather conditions.

Wooden A-Board Signs

Commonly used outside pubs and restaurants for displaying live sport on show or simply your food menu, wooden a-boards traditionally have a chalkboard panel which enable you to easily update the messaging at a moment’s notice. Available in a range of sizes and wood finishes, our chalk a-boards are made from the finest wood making these poster displays durable and hard-wearing.

Swinging Pavement Signs

Swinging Pavement Signs work the same as a traditional a-board sign but with some additional features. Swinging Pavement Signs come with a fill-able base, which can be filled with either sand or water to provide additional stability to the display unit. Secondly, these types of a-boards also have the ‘Swinging’ action, which simply allows the central display to swing in a gust of wind, without taking the full frame with it.

Weather Resistant Pavement Signs

Weather resistant pavement signs are essential for wet and windy weather conditions. Choose a pavement sign with a water or sand filled base to ensure your display can withstand unpredictable weather conditions. It is also important to keep your poster protected; most of our pavement signs come with UV resistant PVC covers, this will protect posters from fading in sunlight.


We also stock a range of easels, which can be used with our range of wall mounted chalkboards to turn into a freestanding display. Place these easel units outside your store in a shopping centre to grab the attention of potential customers.