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Discover the highest quality Retail & Fashion Mannequins

If you’re looking for the perfect display to feature your clothing or accessories in a window or shop floor then a Mannequin or Bust is the perfect visual merchandising tool that will bring your displays to life. Crafted to replicate the human body form, Clothes Mannequins the ‘silent salesman’; are used in clothing and fashion stores to showcase how a certain garment will sit on the body, or how a combination of clothing will co-ordinate, sparking inspiration in the shopper. In addition to the benefit they will give as a sales tool, retail mannequins will also add to the overall decor of your store, whether that be as a shop window or a centre-piece on your shop floor.

If you’re looking to launch a brand new clothing line or to showcase this seasons trends, group a range of Window Mannequins in different poses to create a show stopping display that will engage your passers-by and increase traffic into your department store. A clothes mannequin truly is an extension of your brand’s creative vision.

Types we offer

At Displaysense we provide a wide collection of full body forms, busts and torsos to meet the demands of any business from a small independent retailer to a multi-national enterprise. Choose from Male, Female or Child options, slim to plus-size mannequins, our range is really up to the challenge to fit the personality and style of your store.

Full Body

Our wide collection of full body mannequins are available in a range of styles of poses. Choose from Realistic which reflect a lifelike and natural model to give a more accurate depiction of what the clothing will look like on, or a more subtle Abstract style fashion mannequin which ensure full focus is on the clothing display. If you are looking for a more active display we have also introduced a selection of sports & athletic mannequins to advertise your range of sportswear.

Shop Display Torsos

Featuring just the upper torso, either with or without arms, these half body forms are available with a stand for a floor standing display or alternatively without to be used as a counter top display. Display torsos are widely used in stores to display swimwear and underwear.

Busts & Tailors Dummies

These versatile tailors dummies are most commonly used for tailoring and dressmaking, however articulated bust forms in particular are a great alternative to a traditional style for creating a unique clothing display.

Mannequin Body Parts

We also offer an assortment of body parts including display legs and heads, ideal for showcasing accessories such as hats, scarves and sunglasses.

Materials Available


Claimed to be virtually indestructible, plastic mannequins have been created to withstand the hustle of heavy customer foot traffic. Durable and lightweight, they have become increasingly popular due to their cost effectiveness and eco-friendly composition.


Fibreglass offers a more realistic and premium look than their plastic counterparts, whilst still extremely durable extra care should be given when transporting and moving around your store to avoid knocking.

How do you dress them?

How easy it is to dress a Mannequin all depends on which type you have opted for. Most will have detachable features, including arms, legs and even heads which will make the task of dressing much easier. For example, to clothe in a pair of jeans simply detach the legs from the body and pull through each of the legs, then re-attach to the body. Likewise for the top half of the torso. If your mannequin is fitted with a calf spigot (or rod), then complimenting the outfit with a pair of shoes can also easily be achieved.