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Memorabilia March

In the UK alone it's estimated that up to a third of the whole population are collectors. While the items and reasoning behind amassing large quantities of trinkets, Knick knacks and whatnots differ, there is the common trend that if you don’t plan on selling them on, these items are likely of significant value to you. The desire to collect items purely for the satisfaction of seeking and owning them can lead to your house becoming a mini-museum, with items stuffed on the shelves and over the walls, cupboards and drawers overflowing; sometimes the hard part isn’t completing your collection but knowing how to display it. So, for #memorabiliamarch we’ve got some tips to showcase your collections while saving on space.



Protect and Display

free standing glass display cabinets


For those with collections of the same theme, instead of displaying them in every available space across your home, consolidate them together using a glass free standing cabinet, with spacious interiors and unhindered views of the items inside, you’ll be able to position and reposition your collection to any configurations that you like. Depending on how large your collection is, consider whether a double door cabinet may better display your items. Using a cabinet is also an ideal way to protect any high value items whether monetary or personal.



Use wall space the right way

Wall Display Cabinets

Fixing your items over your wall space can be great way to showcase your collection if done right, more often than not walls can become cluttered and it becomes difficult to admire every piece. Create a boundary using a wall mounted display case, this will help produce a separation between the items and the blank wall space, forming the perfect juxtaposition to the visual excitement of the display.



Let every item be in the spotlight

Display Racks and organisers

If your collection is comprised of odds and ends of all shapes and sizes, it can be slightly more challenging to find the best way to store them. With such a diverse amalgamation, some items can get “lost” amid the display as your attention is drawn off by another more imposing item. It's good practice to create smaller groups based on colour or size. A great way is to display the groups so each item isn’t overlooked is by using a multi-compartment frame or display rack. Allowing for each trinket to have its own space, the framing prevents items getting overlooked. Some units feature varying sized compartments allowing you creative freedom to organise your display to your liking.



Keep small items contained

acrylic display cubes and display tubes

With collections made up of extremely small items such as toy cars and coins, storing them loosely isn’t always a viable option and could lead to the small items getting lost. At the same time, you still want to show off your collection without them being packed away. One way is to use acrylic display cubes and tubes. These clear organisers solve the dilemma of keeping your items contained together while having them visible for you and others to admire. Acrylic displays work well on window ledges as the natural light shines through the clear acrylic highlighting everything contained inside.