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Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

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Heavy Duty Clothes Rails for Retail or the Home

We understand how important the quality and durability of a clothes rail is to our customers. Constructed from extremely hard wearing and durable steel frames our sturdy clothes rails are designed to withstand intensive and constant use in warehouses and transportation, to more relaxed environments such as retail stores and home use.

You'll find 2ft & 3ft rails as well as our bestselling 6ft heavy duty clothes rails, available in a selection of colours including black, silver and white. We also supply heavy duty clothing rails with top and bottom shelves for even more display options.

In addition to our standard adult metal clothes rail range, we have a range of junior rails which are perfect for compact spaces or use in childrens clothing outlets.

Easy to Assemble Heavy Duty Garment Rails

All of our heavy duty rails are quick and easy to assemble with a push-pin system, simply click each component into place; opt for our 5ft and 6ft rails, in black or white, which hold a UK patented click-lock design. We also stock a range of 'easy to add' components; attach a centre bar to create a 2 tier clothes rail or add extension bars to give your rail extra height to hold longer garments.