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Choose your perfect Cafe Barrier

Step-By-Step to Cafe Barriers

Café barriers are the ideal way to promote your outlet and create more space for customers. Café barriers can more than double your floor space which allows you to serve more customers without the cost of permanent and larger premises.

By promoting your company name or products on the café banner you will create prime advertising space to attract more passing customers.

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To guarantee you purchase the correct café barrier system that suits your needs, we have created this buyers guide which walks you through the key steps so you ensure you get the right café barriers first time.

Just follow these 5 Easy Steps to choose your perfect Café Barrier System

You can order all online or call our Customer Services Team on 0845 200 8139 to discuss your requirements and take you order over the phone. Our helplines are now open 24 hours a day for your convenience.

View our range of café barrier systems and banners.

Measure your outdoor space

Step 1: Measure Your Outdoor Space

  • Measure how much space is available to ensure you choose the right length & combination of café barriers.
  • Our café barriers come in different lengths (1.2m and 1.7m) to allow you to create a barrier system that suits the size of your outlet.

Top Tips: Our café barriers can be connected together to create larger or smaller areas, depending on your needs. By ordering enough café barriers for the largest space you can maximise the space when required and simply store away when not needed.

Barrier Components

Step 2: Barrier Components

  • Barrier Post – our Café Barrier posts are of a premium finish, strong, sturdy but easy to move and store.
  • Banner Cross Bars – these ensure the sturdyness of the café banner and come in two sizes (1.2m and 1.7m). They have flexible connectors that allow the barrier to withstand customer engagement and adapt to weather conditions, whilst still rigidly holding the banner & promoting your brand.
  • Barrier Post Disc Plates – These café barrier post discs allow you to connect multiple café barriers together to create the best possible space.

Top Tips: The components in our café barrier range allow you to change banners easily. This allows you to use the café barriers as a key promotional tool as well as an effective barrier system. As an outdoor café barrier, you should consider the durability of the components. Our café barriers and components are hard wearing and have been designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Choose your banner type for printing

Step 3: Banner Type & Printing

  • With a choice of banner material, you should consider which will meet your needs the best.
  • Our café barrier material choices include PVC, Mesh PVC and Canvas.
  • Our banners prior to printing are white. Decide if you want your design on one or both sides.

Each banner material has its own benefits, so consider which one would suit your outlet the most.

  • PVC Banners: These durable banners are water resistant, hardwearing, a slight gloss coating and easy to clean making them ideal for regular outdoor use.
  • Mesh PVC Banners: A very strong material that is perforated to allow air to flow through makes these ideal for locations with windy conditions. These mesh banners also have a unique see through style.
  • Canvas Banners: This premium hard wearing material offers a matt finish which stands out against other banner types.

Step 4: Artwork

  • When deciding on the design for your cafe barrier system, consider if you want your design either consistent on each banner, alternate with different designs or just plain coloured banners.
  • We can offer a wide range of design & artwork setup solutions, from either you supply the full artwork ready for print to where you provide a brief and we create the design for you.

Top Tips: By getting the artwork in place at the time of ordering the café barriers, you can save time and money, ensuring you will have your barrier system ready to be used.

Step 5: Complimentary Products

We offer a range of complimentary products that you can add to your barrier system and other products that help with your overall display.

For Example:

  • Our range of café barrier sign holders can be a great addition and allow you to add promotions and messages to your barrier systems.
  • The versatility of the café barrier range means that you can use the café barrier posts as queuing barriers by adding barrier ropes and connectors.
  • From A-board Signs to draw people to your premises and menu holders to display or dispense your menus to table top chalkboards for daily specials and cake stands to promote & display your deserts, we have a display that can help your business.

Top Tips: By choosing café barriers and queuing barriers from the same range, your outlet will have a much more professional and uniform appearance.

Step by Step Guide to Cafe Barriers - Displaysense Ltd