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Handheld Steamers Vs Travel Iron

What you need to know & why you need a steamer

6 reasons why you need to buy a Handheld Travel Steamer Today!

  • No Ironing Board Required
  • Fast at Removing Creases
  • Does Not Burn or Damage Fabrics
  • Perfect for Delicate Items
  • Can be Packed Straight After Use
  • Multi-Use (Not Just Clothes)
Traditional Travel Iron

Travel Iron

Save Time & Money Today
Buy your Handheld Steamer Now!

HandHeld Garment Steamer

BestSteam Travel Steamer

Handheld steamers work very much the same as their larger counter parts. They produce a steady steam of super-heated vapour that will remove wrinkles from fabrics and clothing, without the need of a hot iron surface being in contact with the fabric or garment. Typically the common mechanics of a garment steamer, is a water tank with electrical coils which super-heat the water quickly to a boiling temperature (100°C or 212°F).

plumping up the fibres with hot moisture, removing wrinkles

Steam will then pass through the top nozzle onto the desired fabric, this results in plumping up the fibres with hot moisture, removing the wrinkles, killing bacteria and granting a soft smelling natural smell.

BestSteam Handheld Garment Steamer

Advantages & Disadvantages

The main advantage of using a steamer is that the fabric is not in contact with a heated plate of metal. Fabrics do not burn when steamed, so scorching is eliminated. Steaming is 40 per cent faster than ironing and if the steam head is held inside the clothing, pressing time is reduced again.

Sharp creases on slacks are difficult to accomplish with a steamer, however some steamers will come supplied with additional features to replicate the sharp creases of an iron. Flat items such as pillowcases or table cloths are difficult to steam because steamers drip if used on horizontal surfaces.


  • Will not burn or scorch fabrics.
  • Quick start-up.
  • 40%+ faster than ironing.
  • Removes wrinkles in a ⅓ of the time.
  • Safely treat delicate clothing.
  • Removes odours and keeps clothes smelling naturally fresh.
  • Can be used on linen and rayon.
  • No ironing board required.
  • Kills bacteria, good hygienic practice.
  • Lightweight.


  • Iron-like creases more difficult to replicate.
  • Hot steam can be dangerous.

Travel Iron

Travel Ironing

There are several features that make a travel iron different from using a larger and standard iron. Travel irons are smaller, generally about ⅓ to ½ the size of a standard model. Usually the handles can be folded down to save space when being packed. Removing this excess weight makes the travel iron significantly lighter, weighing no more than a few pounds. Travel irons will convert 120watts to 240watts without a problem, however it may not be compatible when being used outside of its country and it would be wise to check if a power adaptor is necessary.

smaller base of the iron will cause difficulty when ironing larger items of clothing

Some travel irons will have some steam capacity for stubborn wrinkles, though this is never guaranteed. They won't have as many settings when compared to a larger home models and the smaller base of the iron will cause difficulty when ironing larger items of clothing.

Small Travel Iron is no match for a Travel Steamer

Advantages & Disadvantages

Generally, most travel irons will be heated ready within 30 seconds of turning on. The weight of an iron assists in removing wrinkles and creating sharp creases, so a lightweight iron doesn't really do your clothes any justice. Water spray will also need to be applied to your clothing when using a dry-heat travel iron, if the temperature of the iron is set incorrectly the fabric may burn or scorch and man-made fibres will melt.

Some irons will have automatic shut down when not in operation or if knocked over, though they will produce some nasty third-degree burns in as little as one second if comes in contact with skin. For fabrics that may shrink if steamed, such as linen or rayon, a dry-heat iron is the only pressing solution.


  • Produces sharp creases.
  • Space saving.
  • Lightweight.


  • Easily burn or scorch clothing.
  • Cannot be used on delicate clothing.
  • Require a heat resistant ironing board.
  • Can cause third degree burns.
  • Needs to be cooled before repacking.
  • Not as powerful compared to household models.
BestSteam Commercial Handheld Travel Steamer

Beststeam Garment Steamer - Exclusive to Displaysense Ltd