Storage Boxes Buying Guide

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Displaysense's Lucy Eagland

They say a tidy space equals a tidy mind and storage boxes allow you to clear away clutter and in some cases, hide it from sight altogether. When it comes to storage boxes, there is a huge amount to choose from. Not only in materials but in style, size and use. They are not only fantastic for the storage of goods but also their transportation, whether at home, the office, school or a retail store.

Whether you are looking to store away those bulky out of season clothes or simply prevent children’s toys taking over the home, we have a storage box to suit your needs.

Plastic Storage Boxes

Plastic storage boxes

Plastic storage boxes are hard-wearing and water resistant, making them the perfect choice for storage in lofts, garages or warehouses. Due to their durable and usually injection moulded construction, they are perfect for heavier items and can often be stacked when full or nested when empty, to save valuable floor space. Clear storage boxes allow you to quickly and easily see the contents whilst coloured boxes are a popular choice for children’s playrooms. Plastic storage containers are also hygienic as you can easily clean them to remove any spillages or dirt. Small plastic containers are ideal for storing food as they can be easily cleaned but you will want to look for boxes that have an airtight seal and are freezer safe.

Wooden storage boxes

Wooden storage boxes

Wooden storage boxes are a much more rustic storage solution and a popular choice in scandi style homes. They are eco-friendly and you can purchase items that are FSC certified. If made from untreated wood, they also provide a blank canvas for personalisation and they can be blended into your décor. Quite often cut out handles are incorporated into the design of the box rather than added to the top but there are many different styles to choose from and if you’d rather not have handles, you’ll have plenty to pick from. Many wood storage boxes and wooden crates are stackable to save taking up too much space and to keep the contents free from dust and dirt, you can opt for a wooden storage box with lid.

Felt storage boxes

Felt has become incredibly popular in the design of modern and stylish home storage solutions. It is a relatively lightweight yet strong material and is eco-friendly; it’s 100% biodegradable as it is made from wool. The soft material is perfect for use around the house and means they can sometimes be folded away when not in use to save precious space. They are usually designed without lids and due to their flexible material, they mostly come with handles for easy manoeuvring.

Canvas storage boxes

For a softer finish, canvas storage boxes are perfect for storing away anything from clothing to magazines and newspapers. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Cube storage systems are a popular choice in many households and there is a wide range of cubed storage boxes that are designed for use with them. As canvas boxes are not made from rigid material, they can folded and tucked away when not in use and some woven storage boxes come with reinforced sides to prevent bowing and increase the amount they can contain. Whilst many canvas boxes come with handles, there are some that don’t. You will also want to look at the placement of any handles and their material; if incorporated into the sides of the box, you may want to look for handles that have an additional chrome finish to prevent wear and tear from being carried.

Felt storage basket

Buying Considerations

To help you make the right choice for your home or office, here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect storage boxes;
Location- One of the most important things to consider is where you will be using them. For garages, lofts or stock rooms, you will most likely want a container made of stronger material such as plastic or wood and you will want to keep dust, dirt and damp off the items with a secure lid. For kitchens and pantries, you’ll probably be best to stick with plastic items that can be easily cleaned or wooden crates that look great with glass jars. In a bedroom or living room, something softer like felt or canvas will blend easier with its surroundings.
Strength- The amount of weight a storage box will be able to hold will depend heavily on the material it is made from and the construction. Plastic storage boxes should be robust and made from thick plastic. Wooden storage boxes should be made from strong wood and have durable fixings. Continued heavy use will put pressure on these and you do not want your storage box to buckle, especially if it is holding delicate items.
Capacity- Storage boxes and bins comes in a variety of sizes and their capacities will vary greatly. Most capacities will be displayed in litreage so be sure to keep in mind how much you will require.
Material- The material you choose may be based upon the items you intend to house within it or it may be more personal and be influenced by the interior design of the space where it be housed. Hardier materials like wood and plastic will always be better for storing large amounts or particularly heavy items whilst canvas storage bins are much better suited to storing clothes and soft toys.
Lids– If you want to protect your items from dust, dirt or moisture then you will want to secure your items with a lid. Lids also help to increase the strength and allow for easy stacking.
Handles- A storage box with handles is much easier to move and keep level. The chance of the box being dropped is reduced and so the box and contents are much less likely to be damaged.
Stackable- In order to make the most of whatever space you have, being able to stack boxes could be a great help and save using too
much floor space. Some boxes are able to stack without lids and come with ridges on the base to allow this. For storage boxes that nest together, they can only stack with their lids, which also provide extra strength for the container.
Where can storage boxes be used?
Storage boxes can be used anywhere and everywhere. From commercial businesses to the home, they are the perfect option for storing anything from office paperwork to bedding and linen. With such a wide variety on the market, you will just need to make sure that the storage box matches your requirements.
What is the best type of storage box?
This will vary greatly based on individuals and the intended use. If you are moving home, large plastic storage boxes will be the most suited to your requirements. If you are looking to tidy away small items in the home, wooden crates or felt baskets may be a better option. Always keep in mind where and what you are intending to use the storage container for.
Are storage boxes safe for food?
Many plastic storage boxes can be used safely for food storage because they can be easily sterilised. If you are looking to keep food fresh for longer, you’ll want to look for items with air-tight seals and if you are hoping to store leftovers or lunch mealpreps, be sure to choose items that are microwave and freezer safe.