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Velvet Hangers

If you’re looking to buy velvet coat hangers, explore our selection of high-quality velvet clothes hangers. Available in various colours, including black, white, grey and blush pink, to add a touch of luxury to any bedroom décor or boutique. We even stock on-trend velvet hangers with rose gold clips. Our velvet clothes hangers are not only elegant, but the non-slip velvet ensures your clothes always stay put on your clothes racks. The slim-line design also allows more space for your garments. Our selection of velvet coat hangers is perfect for hanging any clothing, from shirts and dresses to skirts and trousers. For more choice, explore our wooden hangers and plastic hangers

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Velvet Hangers

Velvet Hangers

Pick up velvet clothes hangers and you can hang your garments in style and confidence. Strong, durable and looking wonderful, our velvet hangers are an excellent addition to your home or retail space.

If you're searching for an excellent solution to organise your clothing, our velvet hangers offer a great deal of practicality. These hangers also add a stylish touch to your wardrobe or clothes rail, but they also ensure that your clothes stay in pristine condition. Thanks to their robust construction, you can be confident that your garments will remain securely in place and retain their appealing appearance. Furthermore, a well-organised closet can assist you in saving time and decreasing stress when selecting outfits.

We have pink and black velvet clothes hanger options that both look excellent and allows you to pick the most suitable colour for your establishment. We also stock non slip hangers that reliably keep your items secure and in the perfect spot to remain in good condition. If you want to hang trousers or skirts, then our hangers with clips will be perfect for you.

Our wooden coat hangers are crafted from high-quality velvet, making them suitable for displaying a diverse selection of garments. Depending on the type of hanger you choose, certain hangers are better suited to specific clothing items. From coats and skirts to trousers and shirts, we offer a variety of velvet hangers that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Velvet hangers are a great space-saving solution for your closet, providing a sleek and non-slip surface to keep your clothes organised. When it comes to placing velvet hangers, it's best to arrange them in a way that maximises space and accessibility. Consider grouping similar clothing items together, such as trousers, skirts, or blouses, and hang them in an order that makes it easy to locate and retrieve the desired item.

The soft velvet covering of our flocked hangers prevents clothes from slipping off, ensuring that delicate fabrics and garments stay in place. The non-slip surface helps maintain the shape of clothing items, reducing the risk of wrinkles and creases. Additionally, the slim profile of velvet hangers maximizes closet space, allowing for efficient organisation and a clutter-free appearance.

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