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Swinging Pavement Signs


Swinging pavement signs effortlessly blend style and function, capturing attention on bustling pavements. Crafted to promote businesses, events, or offers, these dynamic displays sway gently in the breeze, adding eye-catching movement. Ideal for cafes, boutiques, and any street-front establishment, pavement swing signs provide an inviting touch, guiding foot traffic toward your message. Furthermore, being double sided, pedestrians from either direction will see your advertising. Choose from various sizes and finishes to complement your brand, including A1 and A2 designs. Explore more styles in our weather-resistant waterbase signs and our a board pavement signs collections. Or shop our full pavement signs range.

Swinging Pavement Signs

Swinging pavement signs are portable advertising tools commonly used by businesses to attract passers-by. Their double-sided design allows for versatile messaging, while the swinging motion catches attention. These signs are ideal for promoting daily specials, and events, or enhancing brand visibility in high-foot-traffic areas.

A pavement swing sign is a dynamic and eye-catching advertising tool for businesses. Its motion attracts attention, making it an effective way to convey messages or promotions to passersby. Versatile and durable, it's ideal for storefronts, events, and promotions, ensuring your message stands out in a crowded environment.

We have both A2 and A1 swinger pavement sign options to suit your size of design. We have both black and white styles, allowing you to match them up with the appearance of your sign. All of our swinging pavement signs are double-sided which is a wonderful way of maximising the visibility which, in turn, will drive customers and sales.

Place a pavement swing sign where pedestrian traffic is high and visible, such as outside shops, cafes, or busy streets, whilst ensuring it doesn't obstruct walkways. Optimal positioning captures attention and conveys messages effectively. Regularly assess and adjust placement for maximum impact and safety.

Our pavement swing signs are built from a combination of aluminium and steel ensuring they are long-lasting and sturdy units that can withstand a range of weather conditions and high-traffic areas. All our designs have a PVC base that is made to be filled up with water to remain in position.

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