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Waterbase Pavement Signs


Discover the ultimate advertising solution with our waterbase pavement signs. These versatile and eye-catching signs are designed to grab attention and convey your message effectively. With a sturdy water-filled base, they offer stability in any weather, ensuring your promotion stays visible and impactful. Easily change posters to keep content fresh and relevant. Whether on bustling pavements or at outdoor events, a waterbase pavement sign offers a dynamic way to engage your audience and drive foot traffic to your business. For more heavy-duty styles, explore our wind resistant signs range. Or, for alternative methods of outdoor signage, check out our A board pavement signs and outdoor blackboards.

Waterbase Pavement Signs

A water base pavement sign, also known as a water-filled sign, are outdoor advertising displays typically placed on pavements. These signs utilise a water-filled base to enhance stability and prevent tipping in windy conditions. They offer a versatile and effective way to communicate messages, promotions, or directions to pedestrians and passing traffic.

A water based pavement sign offers stylish solutions for advertising. Their sturdy design and easy customisation make them a smart choice for businesses seeking sustainable, eye-catching signage. Being able to place them on the street allows for more people to view them which will attract customers and drive sales.

Water-based pavement signs should be strategically placed in high foot traffic areas to maximise visibility and impact. Ideal locations include near entrances of businesses, along streets in commercial districts, outside cafes, and in front of event venues. These placements ensure effective promotion and messaging for passing pedestrians.

A water base sign should display catchy text, vibrant graphics, and essential information. Include promotions, store name, operating hours, and contact details. Use clear fonts, contrasting colours, and concise messages to capture attention. Adapt content to current offers or events for maximum impact, while maintaining readability for passing pedestrians and drivers.

We stock A1 and A0 waterbase pavement sign options to suit specific needs. You should measure the space that you wish to place your sign to ensure you have enough room for it and so that it suits your needs.

We have snap frame, double-sided, and chalkboard waterbase pavement sign options, allowing you to select the most suitable for your signage needs. With a wide variety of designs available, you can be confident that you’ll find an option for your establishment.

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