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Custom Backdrops


Elevate your brand's presence at any trade show or event with our state-of-the-art event backdrops. Designed for optimal visibility and engagement, each stand combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether you're showcasing a new product or promoting your brand, our backdrop printing options offer a sleek and professional backdrop to captivate and connect with your audience, ensuring a memorable impact every time. For more options, check out our standing banners as well as our custom banner printing.

Custom Backdrops

Showcase your brand effectively with our meticulously designed backdrop banners, blending both function and style. These stands serve as a dynamic backdrop, ensuring a captivating experience for your audience at any event.

A custom backdrop doesn’t have any additional cost from the backdrop itself. Our customised backdrops range from £699 to £1,549 which is able to suit your budget.

An exhibition backdrop amplifies your brand's visibility, creating a focal point that attracts attendees and enhances engagement. Investing in a high-quality logo backdrop ensures a professional appearance, setting the stage for impactful presentations and memorable interactions.

All of our printed backdrops are 2280mm in height, ensuring they can stand out and be seen clearly. The width we offer ranges from 2000mm all the way up to 5000mm allowing you to select the most suitable for your design and space. You can select between a curved or straight design depending on your preference.

Backdrops for events should be positioned in high-visibility areas within the event venue, such as near entrances or along main walkways to ensure maximum attendee engagement. It's also crucial to place them in well-lit spots, ensuring that graphics and information are easily readable and draw attention.

Our custom backdrop printing service allows you to tailor exhibition stands to reflect your brand's unique identity and message. Harnessing high-quality printing techniques, we ensure vibrant visuals and clarity, making your stand a focal point at any event.

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