Wall Mounted Clothes Rails

Our wall mounted clothes rails at Displaysense offer you stylish and practical solutions for displaying clothes, both in the home and in a retail store. Effectively display your clothing by choosing a wall mounted clothes rail that's available in a variety of styles. Discover our industrial scaffolding style wall mounted hanging rail, minimalist black or steel wall mounted clothes rails, and wall mounted hanging rails with shelving. Simply choose the wall mounted hanging rail that best suits the style of your home or retail space. Choose between a chrome hanging rail, black hanging rail, as well as white options. Select from rails that run parallel to the wall or those with sloping clothes arms, depending on how you’d prefer to display your clothing. Browse our full POS & merchandising range for more retail display products. Or if you’re looking for home or commercial storage for large volumes of clothing, explore our range of heavy duty clothes rails which maximises space with two tiers of storage capability.

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Wall Mounted Clothes Rails

Wall Mounted Clothes Rails

Our wall mounted clothes rails are perfect for those with limited floor space, allowing you to elegantly display your clothes. Ideal for both home and retail environments, you can confidently store and showcase your goods in style, either attracting customers or making your home look brilliant.

To fix a clothes rail to a wall, follow these steps. First, gather the required tools including drill, screws, anchors, and a level. Measure rail height and mark the wall accordingly. Drill holes for anchors, insert them, and secure rail brackets. Attach rail, ensure level alignment, and screw brackets in. Test the rail's sturdiness before use.

Absolutely, you can install a clothes rail on internal walls. Ensure you select a suitable wall-mounting method, considering the wall's material. Use appropriate hardware like wall anchors or brackets to support the rail's weight. Prioritise stability and evenly distributed weight for a functional and safe clothing storage solution.

The weight capacity of a wall-mounted rail is dependent on the wall you attach it to. It is a smart idea to figure out which wall is most suitable for mounting a rail on, especially if you are planning on hanging a high-weight capacity on it.

A wall mounted hanging rail is an excellent way of storing and displaying your most loved garments. Whether your wardrobe is overflowing, you want to create a capsule wardrobe, or just want to give your guest bedroom a convenient place to leave their items. There are plenty of reasons to buy a wall mounted clothing rail, how you use it is up to you.

We have wall mounted hanging rails in sizes ranging from 2ft to 8ft which is excellent for fitting all your clothes on, allowing you to pick the right one to suit your individual needs. With options available in black, white, chrome, and silver, you can pick the colour that suits your interior style. If wall space isn’t a privilege, a wall mounted sloped clothes arm might be the best option for you with heavier items suited to the industrial style rails best for you.

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