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The noticeboards & feltboards we offer are ideal for use in office environments, meeting areas, staff rooms and more, with a selection of boards approved by the Department for Education. Create a professional finish with concealed wall fixings that are quick and easy to mount. Choose a notice board to suit your needs: Cork noticeboards have fire retardant board poster cases. Opt for a lockable notice board or poster case to keep literature secure and safe from vandalism or theft. We also offer fire retardant fabric notice boards in line with fire regulations made from fire rated tri-cord hessian felt; these fire safe boards are suitable for displaying notices in corridors and along fire escape routes. For alternative options, discover our lockable poster cases and magnetic white board options.

What Is a Notice Board?

Noticeboards are commonly used in various settings, such as schools, offices, and community centres, to display important information and announcements. They provide a visible and easily accessible platform for sharing news, events, and messages with a wide audience. A home office noticeboard can be altered quickly and often customised to suit the specific needs and preferences of the users.

An office noticeboard is an essential tool for communication and organisation in various settings. Whether you're a business owner, a teacher, or a receptionist, a noticeboard allows you to display important information, announcements, and reminders in a visible and easily accessible manner. It helps create a central hub for sharing news, events, and notices, fostering better communication and engagement among individuals.

Your noticeboard should include a variety of informative and relevant content such as event announcements, important dates, community updates, and public notices. Additionally, incorporating visually appealing elements like colourful posters, eye-catching flyers, and interactive displays can enhance the noticeboard's effectiveness in capturing attention and conveying messages.

To hang a large notice board effectively, start by selecting a suitable location on the wall. Use a spirit level to ensure it's straight. Mark the positions for screws or hooks, then drill and fix them securely. Hang the board, double-check alignment, and attach notices using pins or magnets for an effective display.

With a wide range of office notice board sizes to choose from, you can pick the most suitable for your space and needs. we also have a range of colour options including blue, grey, red, silver, and natural, allowing you to fit your noticeboard with your brand or interior style. We have felt and cork notice boards available so you can pick the best option to match your preference.

Where you choose to position your wall notice board is completely up to you, but you should look to put them in the most convenient place possible. This means you should know who the notices are for and figure out where they are likely to walk past to get a good idea as to where they should go. Consider placing it at eye level and ensuring good lighting to attract attention and make it easy for people to read the notices.

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