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Wind Resistant Pavement Signs


Display your business, promotions, or information securely with our wind resistant pavement signs. Simply fill the base with water or sand and put your design on show without the fear of it blowing away. A UV-resistant poster cover adds further protection to your inserts and allows it to be seen clearer when the sun is out. These signs are ideal for numerous environments such as cafes, and restaurants, as well as messages such as parking information. Select a weatherproof pavement sign in a choice of colours and styles. As an alternative to our windproof signs, explore our waterbase pavement signs or swinger pavement signs. For other outdoor signage options, discover our outdoor sign holder range.

Wind Resistant Pavement Signs

A wind resistant pavement sign is specifically designed to withstand strong winds and adverse weather conditions. These types of signs are ideal for outdoor use in areas that experience high winds, such as coastal regions.

With the unpredictability of the British weather, it can be a nightmare when putting a pavement sign outdoors only to have the wind blow your sign halfway down the street. A weatherproof pavement sign can negate this issue and give you the confidence to put your sign out no matter the weather.

Our wind resistant signs come in A0 and A1 size frames as well as black or grey colouring, giving you the freedom of choice when it comes to which design suits your needs best.

Due to the fact they can handle adverse weather, placing them on the street, either just outside or near your store is a good idea. It is important to make sure the sign is placed in a visible location and does not pose any safety hazards to pedestrians or obstruct foot traffic. Market research may help you to identify the best position for your weatherproof pavement sign.

It's crucial to create a poster that effectively conveys your message and incorporates your brand identity. With just a brief moment to capture your audience's attention, your design must be eye-catching and have a clear call to action. Prioritising readability and comprehension is essential to ensure that your poster leaves a lasting impression.

All of our windproof signs come with an anti-glare PVS poster protector, ensuring your insert is easy to see in all weather conditions and can last a long time. Our designs are made from strong and durable aluminium and plastic. It is recommended that you laminate your posters for extra protection.

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