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Outdoor Chalkboards


Outdoor chalkboards are a must for businesses all over, and whether that business is small or large, the impact that these simple yet effective products can have should not be underestimated. From easy-to-follow directions to an establishment’s location to special offers and specific menus, a weatherproof outdoor chalkboard is incredibly adaptable and, most importantly, able to withstand the elements. Your literature and information will remain positioned during wind and rain, ensuring that your business is not affected by our notoriously unpredictable weather. Discover some more of our shop pavement signs such as our wooden easels and literature display with our outdoor sign holders.

Wind Resistant Chalkboards

Showcase your chalk design despite the windy weather with our wonderful selection of outdoor blackboards. Being able to alter your designs, our chalkboards are high quality and can withstand daily outdoor use.

With unpredictable weather a staple of living in the UK, as a business you have to be prepared and deal with it in the best way possible. Our designs are suitable for a range of weather and allow you to switch up your messaging quickly and efficiently. Keeping your signage fresh and out for as long as possible can help your business stand out and attract as many people as possible.

Our outdoor chalkboards are for anyone and everyone. Whether you're hosting an event, advertising a promotion, or just trying to attract customers into your store, they can be brilliant for your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a school, restaurant or other business, this is something you should be considering.

We have a wonderful selection of large outdoor chalkboard options allowing you to pick the most suitable for your space and requirements. We also have an extra-large chalkboard if you want to provide customers with lots of information.

We have outdoor chalkboard options that are compatible with our clear PET covers that protect the chalkboard from being smudged or light rain. We also have chalkboards that have a water base which keeps it in position even in strong winds.

Thanks to the high quality and weather-resistant nature of our outdoor chalkboard sign collection, you can be confident that it will remain upright and look great no matter where you place it. This being said, you should position it in a way that attracts the most eyes and attention towards your business.

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