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Female Mannequins


Mannequins are an essential part of any clothing store and our female mannequins are a great way to showcase women’s clothing. Available in a range of styles including headless, egg-head and realistic mannequins, each mannequin is manufactured from premium materials that reflect a real female body. Our realistic female mannequins look great dotted around a retail store or featured in an eye-catching window display. Easy to assemble and post, you can quickly update the outfits featured on your female mannequins and provide customers with a lifelike view of your products. Looking for different shop mannequins, why not take a look at our range of male mannequins?

Female Mannequins

Our female mannequins are lifelike models designed to display clothing and accessories in retail stores. They are carefully sculpted to resemble the proportions and features of the female body, showcasing various styles and sizes of garments. These mannequins play a crucial role in visual merchandising, capturing the attention of customers and helping them envision how clothing items might look when worn.

We have abstract, egghead, headless, faceless, and sitting woman mannequin options to ensure there is something for every preference. We have a range of female mannequins for sale in both black and white so you can choose whether you want a realistic female mannequin or something a little less specific. We have matt and gloss finishes which both look excellent but offer a different style.

Fiberglass stands as the prevailing choice for female mannequins, boasting durability and a lifelike semblance. Polystyrene, a robust plastic, proves ideal for bustling settings due to its resilient characteristics. Our collection encompasses diverse selections available in both of these materials.

It’s important that you position your full body female mannequin in a high-traffic area of the store where it can attract attention and showcase your products. Placing it near related merchandise or complementary accessories can help create a visually appealing display and encourage customers to make additional purchases.

Purchasing a female display mannequin is a wonderful investment for your retail store. It allows customers to see how products might appear on them which gives them a better idea as to whether they might want to buy it. Creating a visually interesting and professional display, our female mannequins elevate the aesthetic of your establishment and offer flexibility in displaying a wide range of clothing.

When dressing female mannequins, it's important to consider the target audience and the purpose of the display. For a fashion boutique, showcasing trendy and stylish outfits that reflect the current season can attract customers and inspire them to make purchases. Choosing a variety of garments, including dresses, tops, pants, and accessories, allows for versatility and caters to different fashion preferences.

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