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Display Risers & Block Sign Holders


A perfect promotional tool for showcasing smaller products, display risers will raise the visibility of the items and grab your customer's attention. Display blocks are a superb way of showcasing the price or other information about a product, looking professional and stylish in the process. Combine retail display blocks and Perspex risers to give a multi-tier display that is not only highly effective but also very low cost. For alternative retail options, check out our sign holders as well as dump bins and retail wire baskets.

Display Risers & Block Sign Holders

Display risers and block sign holders are essential tools in visual merchandising and retail environments. Display risers elevate products, creating a dynamic and eye-catching presentation that helps draw attention to featured items. Block sign holders, on the other hand, provide a practical way to showcase pricing, product information, or promotional messages, ensuring clear communication with customers.

Product display risers are a superb way of presenting your products, giving them extra attention and making your display more attractive. Suitable for a variety of products including jewellery, candles, crafts and collectables, you can’t go wrong with our product display risers. With a range of designs available to suit your products and space, you’ll find the right one for you.

A block sign holder provides a professional and cohesive way to display pricing information, promotions, or product descriptions, ensuring clear communication and an improved shopping experience for customers. They look incredibly smart and make the shopping experience seamless for your customer.

All of our display branding blocks and risers are made from strong and durable acrylic that’s made to withstand daily use and showcase your items reliably. Our block sign holders come in 15mm and 30mm thicknesses, but all hold your information clearly and professionally.

When deciding what to place on retail display risers, consider highlighting products with unique features, such as jewellery, small sculptures, or speciality food items. Additionally, incorporating complementary items that enhance the overall aesthetic, such as decorative accents or coordinating colours, can further enhance the visual impact of the display.

Look for a spot that is easily accessible and visible, such as a desk, countertop, or shelf, where you can effortlessly reach for your block when needed. Additionally, choose a location that works for your sign and complements the overall design of the room, enhancing the visual appeal of the acrylic block while adding a touch of elegance to the space.

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