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A Frame Chalkboards


A frame chalkboards make for a great solution for those looking to create a more rustic and vintage look. Add a touch of personalisation to a wedding, welcome guests to the venue or use it as a pavement sign to attract new customers. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, A frame chalkboards are a popular choice as they are quick and simple to display a message and subsequently change that message. The sandwich board A-frame style gives you double the advertising space. For more choice, explore our diverse range of chalkboard signage including chalkboard easel options.

A Frame Chalkboards

Our A frame chalkboard sign selection is wonderful and suitable for a range of signage needs. A superb way of informing and advertising, they are both practical and attractive. You can be confident they will withstand daily use as well as attract a large number of customers.

Being able to design your sign and then quickly alter it is an effective way of keeping your store looking fresh and updating customers with whatever’s going on at your business. An incredibly smart addition to any business that can be used to inform and advertise to your customers and pedestrians. Some places that this would look particularly ideal include pubs, restaurants, and school fetes.

There are many things a business can put on an A frame chalkboard, and you can adapt it to suit your style and intended outcome. Whether you’re informing customers of a menu or advertising a special event, this is the first thing you should figure out when it comes to your chalkboard. You should ensure it is easy to read and fits your unique brand’s style to garner a reputation and make your business more recognisable.

The main aim of your A frame chalkboard is to attract as much attention from pedestrians as possible with the end goal being that they will visit your store. You should position it in a way that will get maximum eyes on it without it being in the way of another business or people’s walkway. Somewhere near your establishment would be logical as it would prevent the customer from having to put in effort to find it.

We have an excellent selection of chalkboard pavement signs with them all coming in a noticeable A1 size. All of our boards have a wooden frame in a natural or black finish. You can choose between weather resistant, rounded top, or heavyweight chalkboards, confident in the knowledge that it will withstand the test of time.

Altering your design is easier than ever on a chalkboard pavement sign. Whether you’re using chalk or liquid chalk pens, simply wipe off the designs with a cloth and you’ll be set to start your new design. Being able to alter your sign so quickly and easily is a massive positive when it comes to keeping your business looking fresh and up to date.

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