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Custom Flags


Custom flags have become an indispensable tool in outdoor advertising and promotional events. With the rise of unique branding needs, customisation plays a crucial role. Leveraging a custom printed service, businesses can create outdoor flags tailored to their specific campaigns, significantly amplifying their impact. From feather and teardrop flags to personalised event flags, the opportunities to weave in a distinct message are vast. This bespoke touch has seen a surge in the demand for printed flags across the UK. Furthermore, for brands frequenting various events, portable flags designed for durability and easy transportation become essential, ensuring consistent visibility across different environments. Ultimately, the right flag, especially one crafted through a custom printed service, can elevate a brand's presence, creating a memorable impression on its audience. For alternative event and exhibition signage options, check out our advertising pavement signs.

What Is a Flag Banner?

A custom flag serves as a powerful medium for outdoor advertising, allowing businesses to craft bespoke messages tailored to their campaigns. With options ranging from feather to teardrop designs, and the added advantage of durability and portability, custom printed flags in the UK have surged in demand, consistently elevating brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

We offer a range of sizes and styles that suit a wide variety of advertising needs and preferences. We have both feather and teardrop personalised flags that both look excellent, and you can either choose a ground spike or drive-on car base to secure it.

The price of our printed flags varies allowing them to suit a wide range of budgets. Starting at as little as £140 rising to only £232 giving you a vast number of options.

Choosing the right location for your banner flags is crucial for maximising visibility and capturing the attention of your target audience. High-traffic areas, strategic event locations, and spots with clear sightlines, such as entrances or alongside roads, are ideal places to ensure your flags have the most impact.

Bespoke flags offer a dynamic and eye-catching way to promote a brand, product, or event, ensuring that messages stand out in bustling environments. Their versatility, coupled with the ability to customise designs, makes them an effective and cost-efficient tool for businesses aiming to increase visibility and attract potential customers.

Yes, our flag printing service delivers high-quality, tailor-made designs to ensure your brand or message stands out vibrantly in any setting. Trust us to transform your vision into a durable and captivating flag, ensuring maximum impact and visibility.

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