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Whether as a shop window display mannequin or for designing the next big thing in fashion, a mannequin or tailor dummy is a staple item for many retailers. A versatile tool for visual merchandising and design, creating captivating shopping experiences where customers can see what garments look like on a person. We have a vast selection of options including male mannequins and female mannequins that are sure to boost the aesthetic appeal of your space and encourage sales. For alternative product displays, browse our display risers and display blocks.

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What Is a Mannequin?

A must-have for any boutique or clothes store, our full body mannequin range is the perfect place to store clothes. Helping your clothes stand out and look excellent, these mannequins are ideal for your bestselling seasonal items. Their realistic proportions and poses enable designers and retailers to showcase their products in a visually appealing and lifelike manner.

We stock a wide range of mannequins to suit a variety of budgets. From as little as £130.80, you can have yourself a stunning shop mannequin that’ll help your clothes stand out and your establishment a professional appearance.

Our mannequins vary in weight depending on the type and size. However, they are all lightweight and therefore easy to move around when required.

We have a wide range of sizes when it comes to display mannequins to ensure you can pick the most suitable one for you. There are both full body male mannequin and full body female mannequin options. We even have sitting options to give you a full range of choices.

Fibreglass is the most common material used to make mannequins and is sturdy with a realistic appearance. Polystyrene is a strong plastic and is suitable for busy environments given its hard-wearing nature. We have a range of options in both materials.

Becoming a mainstay within your store’s design, shop mannequins provide an intriguing way of presenting your apparel. This allows your customers to see how certain clothes would look on a person, enticing them to discover if it would work for them. Each mannequin for sale is strong, durable, and able to withstand daily use whilst looking excellent and professional.

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