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Fire Resistant Boards

Delve into our range of fire resistant boards, engineered for both safety and elegance. Constructed with top-tier materials, our fire proof board options offer peace of mind alongside functional display capabilities. Available in classic shades of grey, blue, and red, these boards not only enhance the look of any space but also ensure compliance with stringent safety standards. Our fire retardant board selection caters to various needs, with sizes stretching from 600 x 900mm to a spacious 1200 x 1800mm, making them suitable for a wide array of applications. For alternative noticeboard options, check out our felt noticeboards and cork noticeboards

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Fire Resistant Blue Felt Aluminium Framed Noticeboard - 900 x 600mm

What Is a Fire Resistant Board?

A fire resistant board, commonly referred to as a fire proof or fire retardant board, is a specially designed notice board that resists ignition, providing an added layer of safety in spaces where fire hazards might be a concern.

Fire resistant boards provide an added layer of safety by being designed to resist ignition, making them ideal for environments where fire safety is paramount. Additionally, our fire rated notice boards offer both function and style, ensuring important information is displayed securely.

Our fire retardant notice boards are available in a diverse range of sizes, starting at 600 x 900mm and reaching up to a generous 1200 x 1800mm, ensuring there’s a size to fit every requirement.

Fire proof notice boards are perfect for showcasing essential notices, safety guidelines, and informational posters, especially in areas where fire safety compliance is crucial. Their robust design ensures they can handle regular pinning and unpinning without compromising their fire-resistant properties.

Install fire retardant notice boards in high-risk areas such as corridors, stairwells, communal spaces, and kitchens where fire safety measures are paramount. Their design seamlessly blends safety with aesthetics, making them suitable for both public and private spaces.

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